Friday, November 1, 2013

Observations from the Week

This week I saw and heard some funny things that I thought I would share. These were things that made me chuckle or shake my head and I thought you might enjoy them. First, one of the train regulars wore a major fashion don't. I wish I had a picture to show you but I think I was so in shock at the sight that I totally forget to snap a pic. So, this guy is very grey and vanilla. Meaning, his coloring is blah...grey hair, always wears a grey suit, no color to his face. He drives a Honda mini van, and not that there is anything wrong with that, but he just screams boring to me. He typically doesn't wear a coat over his suit but the other day he showed up with one was like an oversized suit was black button by his navel....lapels with stitching....and you could tell he thought he looked like the cat's ass in it. I mean, I don't know what else to say. Well, what I wanted to say was "Hey Honda Guy, 1970 called and they want their leather "jacket" back". I wanted to take his fashion card, his man card, and his train pass. He shouldn't be allowed to travel with us in that us all a bad rap. The next day he wore his trench coat. I'm pretty sure someone made fun of him at work. So, on Tuesday, I'm walking the one block it takes me to get from the train to work and this ALL happened in the span of 5 minutes. I'm walking by two "worker guys" who are taking a break on the side of the road. Dude 1: So, which one is your chick? Dude 2: She is the really short one Dude 1: Ohhh, that one?! She is cute but yeah, man, she is sooo short! Dude 2: I know...she is cute right? But yeah, really short too. I so wanted to ask to see a picture of her. Just as that convo wraps up I hear a bunch of screaming and yelling back in the direction I just came from. I look and there is a cab driver and bicyclist screaming at each other. The cabbie leans out to yell at the bike guy and the bike guy hauls off and punches him in the face through the window. It was crazy!! Then he took off in a one way direction so the cab driver couldn't pursue him. Ballsy move. Then as I'm rounding the corner to my building a meter maid walks past me at the same time 2 guys in a van are driving past me. The passenger rolls down his window: Dude: Hey you...can I ask you something? Meter Maid: ignores him Dude: Did you hear me...hey, I have a question Meter Maid: she turns around and says "What's that?" Dude: You are cute, you know Meter Maid: Shut the F* up! Alrighty, I guess she is taken and not interested.... But perhaps one of the funniest conversations that offered a lot of insight to me as a parent was this one. Guy/kid (like mid 20's)on the train behind me....his phone rings and it's his friend. My ears perked up at: Guy: Yeah, I didn't get that job dude because I had too much shit in my system...yeah, the test came back showing all kinds of shit. Guy: Yeah, I didn't go to rehab or anything. I just stopped cold turkey. I had to clean my life up. Guy: Well, my Dad told me I had to grow up and get a job...they aren't going to cover me anymore. So, yeah, I'm sleeping on Joey's couch right now and working with him at night. Guy: Well, I'll tell you about it later but all this crap happened with Cassie and she broke up with I moved back in with my parents but this time they didn't help me I had no choice but to grow up. Guy: It's all good tho....I needed it. See, I never cared about anything or tried hard because I knew no matter what happened my parents would be there and cover me so it didn't matter if I screwed up. But they aren't doing that anymore so I have no choice but to get my shit together. Guy: it's all good though. My Dad said he would cover my first month's rent and then that's it..and I can't move back in with them again so I'm trying to find a job. You can only enable your children so long, people.... I think the fact that he had that conversation on the train in front of everyone is hysterical...totally oblivious to everyone around him. Uhm...and now I'm writing a blog about him...some conversations you might want to have in private. It was funny energy this week...lots of craziness...but it got me through a stressful, busy week. What's the funniest/craziest thing you heard this week??