Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Back to Touching Lunch Meat in the Morning....

Ever since the kids were little, I have made a special First Day of School Breakfast. This usually involves me making some sort of animal out of food. Not sure why it has evolved this way but it has. One year I made a butterfly out of fruits and waffles. Another year I made inchworms out of grapes and other assorted fruit. Another year I crafted pigs out of English muffins. To be honest, these breakfast crafts usually involve me swearing under my breath as I try to carve small details out of fruit that doesn’t want to be made into things like pig tails and flowers. I love doing it though. One year, I even went so far as to let the kids have cupcakes for breakfast…but that was for the Last Day of School. Full on, sugary, icing loaded cupcakes. Why not? They weren’t doing anything on the last day anyways….and the day was only 2 ½ hours long. They were actually afraid to eat them and kept saying “Really? We can eat these NOW?” as though it were a cruel April Fool’s joke. For a few days, I was the coolest Mom in town. I’ll take it when I can get it. Even though my kids are in high school now, I still broke out my animal sculpting culinary skills this morning for the first day back to school and whipped up some turtles out of waffles, bananas, and chocolate chips. They were pretty cute if I do say so myself. Of course I got the idea on Pinterest: I’m not going to lie…this is a breakfast for small children, I get that. But my kids still got a kick out of it. In fact, Mimi actually ate breakfast this morning…all of it…I’m lucky if I can get her to take a sip of water before she goes out the door. It’s just too early for her to deal with eating. I thought the kids would roll their eyes and say things like “We aren’t five anymore, Mom!” but they smiled and happily ate their turtles. Then the usual school year craziness ensued....figuring out what to wear, brushing teeth, looking for last minute items that we thought we had covered the night before, and making lunches - ugh. Time to run out for the bus came up so quickly. But before they left, they posed for their annual Back to School photo on the mudroom stairs, each wearing their new backpacks. This year, Jack is towering over Mimi by at least a foot and she was all dolled up for her first day of high school. Sigh. How did they get so old so quick?! I actually thought to myself this morning that I only have a few more years to make First Day of School Animal Breakfasts…and then I’ll be making them anyways and texting pictures to the kids while they are at college…and then making Tim eat Piggy English Muffins and Turtle Waffles.

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