Saturday, September 7, 2013

And the Results Are In!

Last we left off, I told you we were going to run a 5K today ....without really having run in months...or really ever. Here's how it went. Jack came in 55th out of almost 600 people....he ran it in 22 minutes. The first two spots went to kids on his cross country team. Impressive. Tim and I finished. That was impressive as well. We did not run all the way but we did run most of the way...but more importantly, we finished. Tim, who has only ran once in his life and has literally not put sneakers on in two years, beat me by a minute. He was at 32 minutes and I was at 33 minutes. I'm cool with that. I was not cool with the fast walking guy who passed me or the 4 year old kid on the bike with training wheels who passed me...going uphill. And yes, I was running in both of those situations...I'll admit it. But let's not focus on those crazy little details. Instead, let's focus on how it went overall. Many members of the family had organized the event and were working throughout the event. Then, there was a group of us that all started running together. And when I say started, I mean when we lined up we were perilously close to the Walker line. I'm not sure what about us made the girl carrying the Walker sign feel it was necessary to line up right behind us, but she did. Whateves. The first mile was great. We were all on a high, excited to be running together. Everywhere we turned there were family and friends cheering us on along the route. The weather was perfectly gorgeous. And the route was flat. What could be wrong with this picture? Nothing...until we started approaching the long, slow hill. As we approached, I began to slow and Tim's cousin Kelly said "Just imagine the can do it!" I will say, that helped a lot. I made it up the hill and then around the next corner where there was another slow hill that was my demise. This is where the fast walker and small child on the bike passed me. I saw Tim waiting off to the side and that was all I needed to give myself permission to stop. We walked for a little bit but that was my downfall. It was hard to get back into running again from there. And it was hot. If only I had someone to run behind me with a parasol to shade me from the heat...and then occasionally carry me...that would have been great. Fantasies aside, I walked for about 1/2 mile. Tim tried to get me going with him before that but I just couldn't do it. Finally, with a mile to go, I started up again. I told myself "I can do almost anything for a mile..." so although I wasn't very fast, I ran the rest of the way. I will say that I was afraid to look behind me...I was almost certain I was the last runner, but that wasn't the case at all. We came around the corner to the final section, and my spirits soared. I knew I could do it...until I realized the route had changed. I should note that I hate what is called the "loop road" at our school. It is about 1 mile long and it seems like every corner you go around you are almost done, but that isn't the case. It's just your mind wishing you were done. Today, when I realized that we had to run part of the loop road I almost cried. Literally. I kept seeing my sister in law in front of me...she would be walking and just as I was about to reach her, she would start running again. I thought maybe it was a joke but she didn't even know I was behind her. In the end she was my carrot...tempting me along until the finish line. At the finish line Jack and Tim were waiting for me. It felt really good to cross, I'll be honest. I didn't even care about my time...the fact that I ran most of the way, and was running when I went over the finish line, is impressive for me. I felt good! There is nothing better than the end of a race. Everyone is congratulating each other and in a great mood. There is water, food, music, and lots of happy people. It is in these moments when you find yourself saying "Let's do another 5K!" Before you say that you should wait a few after you sit for a bit...then try and get up out of your car...and you find yourself making guttural noises just to hoist your body up. Yeah...let's see who says "Let's race again" after that. Not too many people. As I was talking to people at the finish I ran into a friend who used to babysit our kids. She has her own little cuties now and is in a different stage in her life. She said "I love eating and drinking my wine too much to give it up to be in shape. I just run these things to equal out all the eating and drinking I do." A.Men. Sister! I hear ya! I love people who are real and admit the truth. I was very impressed with Jack Nealon, Tim's cousin, who was one of the main organizers of this event. It was for his best friend that had passed away. His siblings, parents, and countless friends and volunteers did an amazing job with the entire day. Evan, was no doubt looking down very proud today. Thanks to Tim for never saying no to running with me, even if he isn't a runner. Thanks to Jack and Mimi for running and walking with us today. Tim's family is an amazing group and it was so fun to run with them and be encouraged by them today. Thanks to Lib, Pete, Lyn, Kelley, Matt, Dave, and cousin Kathleen who came all the way from Connecticut today! And congrats to the kids Lily, Eleanor, Will, and Pierce for running and walking today. And although I am sore and tired tonight, it was an absolute blast and I wouldn't have traded it for anything!

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