Thursday, September 19, 2013

ACW - Adult Camping Weekend

Last weekend was our 5th Adult Camping Weekend. This is an annual event when we get together with two other couples and go camping in Truro. For our first year, we didn’t let the boys in the camper to sleep...they had to stay outside in tents. Our camper was smaller then and well, boys will be boys. Gradually we got a bigger camper and they were allowed to stay in with us…although they still can’t use the bathroom. Girls only for obvious reasons. Point in fact, this year, one of the boys forgot the rule, used the bathroom and left the toilet seat up. I sat down and literally almost fell in the toilet. This is why we need these rules. Last year we almost got shut down by the Campground Po-Po when we had a dance party inside the camper at 1 am. 6 of us dancing like fools in a little camper. What can I say, we thought no one could hear the music. Two years ago we were there for less than 24 hours "thanks" to Hurricane Irene. I'll tell ya though...we packed a weekend's worth of activity into that 24 hours. We know how to have fun. This year, we went to a yard sale and our friend Scott bought a shovel. As he was about to put it in the car, Tim called his name and he swung around with the shovel...accidentally hitting an Asian man pedaling by on his bike. Yes, I did just say that. He hit a man riding by on his bike. What are the chances??!! Scott turned around and yelled "My bad!" Ah, damn straight it was your bad! We almost wet our pants for the first time by 9:30 in the morning. Each year we have made improvements….to the menu, what we each bring, the stuff we bring to the beach, etc. This year, we all felt we really perfected our weekend agenda. We used to go on my birthday weekend so we always went out to dinner to celebrate….and that was typically after “celebrating” on the beach for hours beforehand. Once I ordered fish tacos for dinner and I don’t even eat fish. ‘Nuff said. This year we all agreed we would just keep it low key and simple….meaning we would spend time doing what we all come for…relaxing on the beach. In fact, Ann said this year “This would be hard if one of us didn’t like doing what everyone else likes….which is literally doing nothing.” Of course “nothing” consists of us setting up our beach area, complete with a coffee table and magazines that look like they belong in a doctor’s office. We lounge, laugh, read, talk, sleep, laugh some more, swim, eat, drink, laugh a lot, dance, and sing. Sometimes if the boys get “itchy” they might toss a football or fish (although they have no clue what they are doing), but for the most part we just “hang out”. This year, our “nothing” consisted of going to the beach at noon and leaving at midnight…with all that stuff above in between. There was no leaving to shower to go out to dinner. In fact, we didn’t even eat dinner…we just grazed all day. Truth be told, none of us showered all weekend either. There may have been an illegal beach fire….although technically it could have been termed a “cooking fire” because we did attempt to heat up some chicken in there…until the fire singed the hair off our arms. There may have been some singing into a shovel…and we may, at one point, have convinced ourselves that we were as good as any famous singer out there today. Look out T.Swizzle...that's all I'm sayin'. This year we added a beach potty, which might have been the single best improvement we have made over the years. Typically we trudge up to the dunes to be one with nature...or go in nature's giant toilet, the ocean...for those that don't have performance anxiety in the water. It happens, ok? Anyways, I bought this fold up tent that folds down to a circle and when opened it magically pops up to a changing type shelter. There is no bottom on it but it does have a door that zips closed and a little window. We staked it down, used a shovel to dig a hole, and it became the girl's potty. It's important to remember later in the evening that the walls are paper then and not meant to help you get your balance...because then you AND the potty will fall over. The entire weekend was a blast, as always. There is nothing better than spending time with your good friends, especially on the beach. And you know they are good friends when, no matter where you go, you have a great time. But, I will say, when you camp, it only magnifies the fun tenfold. You should try it sometime!

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