Sunday, August 25, 2013

Happy Birthday Day To Me!

If you know me well, you know I love my birthday. Beyond love....It's like a national holiday for me. And my good friends know this. For the past 3 years, this has been Adult Camping Weekend (ACW)...when we camp with 2 of our couple friends in Truro. We go out to dinner, go the beach a lot, have some cake, dance on the beach, and just relax in general. Unfortunately for us, our friends' kids are older and this year, they had to chose between ACW and bringing their kids to college. And they chose college. Whatever. Not to be deterred, Tim and I decided to camp this weekend anyways. It was my birthday afterall. We asked the kids to come and after rounds of "Do you want us to go?" and "Do we have to go?" we decided it would be best to part ways and spend the weekend apart. Do I want you complaining the whole time and asking when we can go home? Feel free to choose your grandparents over me. I'm cool with that. On Friday, we met my Mom and dropped off Mimi who had just made the JUNIOR VARSITY field hockey team! She was just happy that the 9th grade was a no-cut team and then she made the JV team. I'm a little proud...I'll admit it! So, we dropped her off and headed off to Truro. We got down around 7, set up, and then enjoyed a relaxing night in the camper. We had dinner - that I made and just heated up - had some wine, and chatted for a few hours. The next morning it was up at 7 to start the day! We had planned on taking a walk to the beach but instead we had breakfast and hit a few yard sales. Each time we go down, we try to drive around and explore the town because our ultimate goal is to buy a cottage down there some day. Some day. And some day we will come across a cottage for sale for $5. I'm pretty sure that's going to happen. It was an absolutely gorgeous weekend and we just literally sat and read for hours. Ok....we might have napped, we might have had lunch, we might have had happy hour, but all in all we had such a great day. I even saw a whale! It breached right off the beach. Amazing! On Saturday night, we went out for dinner. We thought we would hop around to a few places for some after dinner drinks but honestly after dinner we were ready for our pj's. Of course we ended up playing Rummy til midnight (I'm pretty sure Timmy cheats...) and just hanging out. Very relaxing night. On Sunday, we got up early for our beach walk and then headed back to pack up the camper. Then it was off to pick up the kids and head home. Everyone, from my kids to my parents, were sad to see the summer coming to a close. We still have next weekend but this weekend, it started to hit home. Speaking of home, when I got home, I was greeted with a birthday dinner with my good friends Ann & Adam and Cori & Scott...our ACW friends. They asked what restaurant I wanted to go to and I said I just wanted to hang out at someone's pool and relax. It took them awhile to realize I really meant that but honestly, I just love to hang out with my friends, I don't care where, and laugh and enjoy each other's company. And that is just what we did! Ann has a beautiful pool and she set up a table alongside the pool with candles for dinner. SO adorable! And we had my favorite and Annie's chopped salad. Perhaps the best thing was that Adam, Ann's husband and Tim's childhood friend, made me a homemade crown to wear during dinner. I'm going to be honest...I love a good crown. But one that my great friend made with markers and duct tape? Even better! I wore it proudly. There is something to be said about being loved on your birthday. The idea that people think about you, that they are excited to be amongst the first to wish you happy birthday, and the idea of a day in time dedicated to you. I love everything about it. Tim gave me presents from Friday night to Sunday morning. My friends texted and called me. Annie hosted a poolside, beautiful dinner, and I got a homemade crown. Oh yeah....I'll take the attention and love it. And I'll give it back to you on your birthday, believe me. Adam asked me tonight if I will get tired of my birthday when I'm older and just want to pass the time quietly. It was one of those moments when you hear the tires squeal to a stop. Stop loving my birthday?! Stop wishing that everyone fawned over me for a whole day?! Never!! I don't care how old I am....keeping loving me on my birthday, please! Thanks to everyone for their birthday wishes! I loved every single second of my birthday today! You made it a great day for me!

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