Saturday, July 27, 2013

Day 1 - Kamping in Karolina Beach

We didn't get to bed last night til 11:00 and I think everyone was asleep before their heads even hit the pillows. Usually on our camping trips I have most days planned, with us doing things from morning til night. The kids start each day asking "What's on the itinerary today? We like to take advantage of all the things new places have to offer. This year, I didn't have as much time to plan so I left it open to what we would do each day. Instead, I just noted the key events that were happening in each town and figured that would guide our activities. The one exception being Sunday, Jack's 15th birthday. He gets to pick what he wants to do and eat all day so we have a sense for what we are doing that day. Today we all slept in, with Jack and I getting up first around 9 am. We ended up having to wake Mimi up at 9:30. We started the day with a smorgasbord breakfast - muffins, sweetie pies, lemon blueberry bread, and fruit salad. Then we all got in our suits and headed to Carolina Beach, a nearby town about 30 minutes away. We hit the farmers market first - the only thing I had hoped to do that day. It was on a lake, filled with turtles, so Jack was entertained. Apparently there were also alligator, as the signs warned, although we didn't see any. Apparently last week a Husky went swimming in the water and an alligator went after it. Yikes. As Jack trolled the edge of the water I had images of a gator snatching him away into a death roll. Luckily, we left there with both our kids intact, 3 tomatoes, and a sea glass bracelet that I treated myself to for my birthday (in a month). We left there in search of a place to park so we could hit the beach but we couldn't find a spot. Driving along we all agreed this area reminds us of the Outerbanks and Virginia Beach. There is a narrow road that runs alongside a row of houses right on the beach and the ocean is so close you could touch it. Carolina Beach is like the West Yarmouth of this area and Kure Beach is like the Chatham, if you are familiar with the Cape. We ended up just driving into Kure and finding a spot. The road is lined with pastel houses on stilts that overlook the beach and the ocean. Yellow, turquoise, brilliant blue, hot pink - the houses are just adorable. I say this about almost every place we visit, but I could live here. It's quiet, relaxing, and on the ocean. People drive their golf carts to the beach, to the store, and just to take a drive. I would like to live someplace where I could drive around in a golf cart all day in my bathing suit. We finally got to the crowded beach around 1:00 and were not disappointed. The waves were great and the water was warm but not like bath water. You know it is a good beach when the kids say "Even Mom went in". We spent the day reading books, eating a picnic lunch,body surfing, checking out the fishing pier, and swimming some more. Oh...and "watching tv"....and by that I mean, getting completely absorbed in the people next to us. There are times when Tim and I will go out to dinner and he'll say "Hey, this isn't a tv show", because there I am with my mouth hanging open, completely absorbed in the couple next to us, like I'm watching them on TV. The same thing happened today...there was a group of about 15 people...5 couples and their kids. It was like watching a new tv show, trying to figure out who was married to whom, which women liked each other, and who was causing all the drama. More than once Timmy had to tell me to stop staring. Around 4:00 we decided to pack up and head back, because the pool at the campground was calling our name....and my tv show friends were starting to pack up too. After a brief stop at the grocery store, I put the food away while Tim and the kids hit the pool. I have to stop here and say this is our first time at a KOA campground. I have resisted them up until this point for one reason....they misuse the letter K. My pet peeve is companies that use the K as a C. "Katie's Hair Kuttery"..."Kute Kids Preschool"...K's are not C's. I have an affinity for K's since my name starts with one. I would never call myself Celly. It's just not right. When the KOA's started using K's for Kabin's, I was immediately turned off. But, it was the only highly rated Kampground in the areas so I had to give it a shot. I have to admit, I'm impressed. The place is very klean. They have, not just a dog park, but a dog agility park. We are across from the stage area and tonight they are playing Angels in the Outfield on the big screen so the kids have the side of Jack's pop out zipped down and they are laying on his bed watching it like they are at the drive in. While the kids were at the pool, I took advantage of the quiet and took a first one in 2 days. Man, it felt good! It also feels good not to have to do my hair or wear make up. After my shower I found I even had time to read my book. nice to have a little time to myself. When everyone got back we started dinner - a first for us this go around - I made meatball sliders. Before we left I made my special meatballs and then I put them in little slider rolls with cheese, covered them in foil, and heated them on the grill. Stupid good. For dessert we had some astronaut ice cream that Mimi had got in DC on her class trip there in June. If you haven't had it, let's just say it is interesting. We "supplemented" that with our homemade chocolate chip cookies that Mimi made. Everyone is just taking it easy and getting ready for bed. Big day ahead of us tomorrow....Jack's birthday! I'm sure it will be filled with animals, bbq, candy, and his new obsession - golf.

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