Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Climbing Elephants

In previous posts, I have expressed how much I love getting together with my girlfriends. Last week, I got together with two friends I haven't seen in some time. My friend Kristal introduced me to my first Droid when we were traveling to Park City Utah for work. I think she was the 2nd person to purchase one and I was immediately mesmerized by it's abilities. We've spent time traveling together, dealing with stressful situations, and dealing with work people that normally we would never choose to hang out with. She is smart, very talented, and one of the funniest people I have ever met. And the deadpan kind of favorite.

My friend Katie and I worked together for years. She was like my little sister that I worked with. She once said to me in the bathroom "Can I tell something as a friend?" and I had visions of her telling me she was pregnant since she was newly married. Instead she told me I had a crazy old lady whisker coming out of my chin. Oh. My. God. Horrible moment of recognition of getting old. But great moment of a friend being completely honest and looking out for your best interests. There was no way she was letting me go to the café with that rip van winkle hair. I'm just going to say, that those little hairs don't come out easily. Try to pull them out and they curl like Shirley Temple's hair.

Once Katie and I went to a conference together and one thing led to another...we had a few glasses of wine, and on the way back to our rooms we noticed the hotel staff cleaning a very large (life size) elephant in the lobby. They were up on a lift cleaning the top of it. So many questions should have come to mind for us. Why an elephant in the lobby? Why are you cleaning it? But no, instead the only question that came to mind was "How can we get on that thing?!" Katie used her adorable charm and soon enough she was up on the lift with the cleaning crew attempting to scale the elephant. It was then that we had a sudden epiphany that if she ever fell off and hurt herself it would be very difficult to explain what she was doing up there in the first place.

Katie and I definitely are mischievous when we get together. And Kristal would just say "Go ahead.." and watch us with a smirk. When we got together last week, Katie and I both agreed, we had to behave and not have "an elephant kind of night."

So, the three amigos got together and literally we could have spent all night together. We talked about old co-workers, our new work places, kids, pets, and of course, Pinterest. Why is it that time passes so quickly and before you realize it you haven't seen your friends in person in 2 1/2 years?. It's just not right. We talk through email and text but often its hard to find the time to get together when you live in all different directions and have very busy lives.

It was such a great night and now Kristal is moving into Boston so we'll all be a little closer together. We promised to get together more often by trying restaurants in Kristal's new neighborhood. I love friends, I love to eat, I love to laugh...I'm in! I can't wait....and I hope there aren't any elephants in her new hood.

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