Saturday, June 29, 2013

Holding Hands with Seals

After TEDxBoston this week, our company moved right into a 2-day All Company meeting. We have these 2 times a year and each one is focused on something different that will propel our company forward. They are usually invigorating, exhausting, fun, emotional, and inspiring. This meeting was no different.

Towards the second half of the first day, it was clear we all needed a break. Emotions were rising and we were tired. We were instructed to go out in groups or alone, and just take a break. The rules were simple. No checking email/phones and just go out and clear your heads.

Small groups formed and as one of the three K's - Kelly, Kate, and Katia - we headed out on our own. We decided to grab some ice coffee and head to the aquarium, which is one of my favorite places to go when I have time for a walk. I try to exercise 5 out of 7 days a week...whether it's hot yoga, boot camp, or walking...I try to get something in. If I have some time at lunch and haven't gotten any exercise in I always head to the aquarium and spend 5 minutes just looking at the seals. For some reason, they make my day.

About 2 weeks ago, on a sunny day, I walked down and there was one seal who was sunning herself on the rocks. I knew she was a girl because there was an aquarium worker who was also taking a moment to come out and visit the seals and she called her by name. She kept putting her flipper over her eyes to shade from the sun and would look over to see who was watching her. She would crinkle her eyes up, check out the people, and then put her fin down and just soak in the sun. It was the absolutely cutest thing. The short visit totally made my day.

So, when we took our walk the other day, we were pleasantly surprised to find the aquarium staff were working with the seals. We walked to the end where a staff member was training with one of the seals. She was using fish to entice him to do all kinds of things like swim and come back and kiss her on the mouth. The absolutely cutest thing though was when she had him float on his back so she could rub his belly. I know they do this so when the do vet exams, it makes it easier. But the most adorable moment was when he reached his flipper up to hold her hand while she rubbed her belly. The trainer thought it was the cutest thing...and so did we.

Just one day after being reminded to be grateful for the little moments, I realized this was my moment for the day. Animals are amazing and being able to see this little interaction that not only brought joy to the trainer but also made me smile, was well worth the walk.

Grateful moments of the day - walking/talking with friends and observing the seals. It was a good day!

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