Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Yarn On Your Head

Yesterday, I sat down on the train and realized the guy in front of me had something stuck to the back of his head. Let me back up. He was bald, although his head was stubbly. It was in need of a good shave.

There were a long black something on the back of his head. Initially, I thought it was a scar but it was furry. Then I thought maybe he had one, long black piece of hair. But, when does that happen??

Then I realized it was indeed a piece of black yarn. Stuck on the back of his head.

So, I did the only logical thing you could do. I took a picture. I casually took my phone out of my pocket, took a picture, and texted my girlfriend. She immediatley responded with how awful it was. I wasn't sure if it was awful that I took the picture of awful that he had yarn stuck to his head.

Come. On. I wasn't making fun of him. I was just noting how funny it looked. He had a large piece of yarn stuck to his 5 pm. Where did he work that he came in contact with yarn?? Maybe a school or daycare?? I actually would have welcomed a conversation about it.

I then texted Mimi and she said "I dare you to take it off." Can you imagine?? I once found myself saying to a woman (on the train) "Don't freak out but you have a big bug on your shoulder and I'm going to brush it off." You have to say things like that very calmly and with a smile so that she doesn't freak out and smack you in the face in a moment of sheer panic.  But "Excuse me, but you have a big piece of yarn on your head and I'm going to pick it off." Naw...just not gonna happen. With a bug, I'm saving lives. With yarn, not so much.

Did I leave there without saying a word? Absolutely. My friend texted "How are you going to feel we he gets home and realizes he has yarn on his head and you never said anything??" Let's review how I'll feel....Uhm, I don't know him and he would have no idea when the yarn hitched a ride. So, I'm not going to feel badly at all.

It's like when your boss or co-worker has a bat in the cave or their zipper is down... and you are conflicted on whether you should say anything, for a variety of reasons. So, you say nothing and they either come back with "Dude, why didn't you tell me...!" or no one speaks of it ever again.

I'd rather be told so don't every feel bad telling me the trutth!

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  1. I'm with you. I would rather be told and be embarrassed once than walk around all day with something hanging from my nose.