Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Lessons from Girls Weekend

As you know by know, I love getting together with my girlfriends. I'm a firm believer that taking time for yourself on a regular basis makes you stronger in all the other areas of your life. By this I mean taking time to do the things you enjoy ....like taking a walk, maybe taking a yoga class, having dinner with a friend, and yes, even going on a girls weekend.

Recently I went down to a friend's house on the Cape with 3 other girlfriends. On our itinerary were just the basics: relax, read, knit, take a walk, eat some good food, and oh, yeah, have a little wine too. Well, we pretty much covered all of those activities, although some more than others. All in all, it was a very relaxing weekend filled with lots of laughs and great conversation.

I think we all learned some things along the way too. I thought I would just share a few of those lessons with you, in case you can benefit from them in the future. Things like:

When you are going away for 1 1/2 days and you find yourself with more than 3 packed bags it might be a sign that you have overpacked, or that you really needed this weekend because it looks more like you are running away.

When you think you have brought enough wine, you probably haven't. Lucky for us we also brought fixin's for other fun drinks.

When you are planning to take a walk on your girls weekend, you should definitely remember your sneakers. Boots and clogs don't look good with yoga pants....and aren't fun to walk in....especially on the beach. However, they are better than athletic socks and flats. That is just a bad look.

When you find yourself bellying up to the bar 2 minutes after the restaurant opens, you might want to consider loitering on the street a few minutes longer until someone else sits at the bar. That way you can avoid hearing the words "Here come some boozers!" from the bartender. Even though she was joking, it still wasn't fun to hear.

When you or your friends find yourselves saying "Is this my third or my forth?" that's a sign you should drink some water.

You should definitely follow your gut to go shopping before you go "boozing". We did...but we heard from the cashier at the store that others have not followed that sage advice.

However, you should not try on clothes that you wished you fit into after eating a late lunch. Stoopid.

If four of you can't figure out how to download a song from iTunes and customize your ringtone, you might need to consult your kids. Or you can just secretly film each other on your phones and have a good laugh. Lucky for us, we like each other...otherwise that would have ended up on YouTube.

There are a few lessons in this gem so listen up. You might not want to do chinese jump rope....in your socks...on hardwood floors....after drinking martinis....and wine. I'm just sayin'.

What I'm really saying, though, is there is nothing better than a fun girls weekend. When was the last time you had one? What are you waiting for?! Call up your friends and plan one today!

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