Thursday, February 7, 2013

An Island Gets a New Life

The day after I bought adult glasses I classed up my island with some new bar stools.

Let go back, 9 almost 10 years when we moved in. We had this great granite island installed which I absolutely loved but I needed stools to go around it. I might have moved too quickly....but I needed some seats. You know the feeling....when you set your mind to something and you just need it RIGHT can't wait. At the time, I liked the stools I bought...much like the glasses I put on my registry.

They had black iron legs and wide brown rush seats. Kind of like twigs woven together....very earthy looking. I loved them. In the beginning. But it didn't take long to realize that I got the size that was a little too high so anyone taller than me (I'm 5'3" on a good day) could barely fit their legs under the the stools got pushed out. And after awhile, because they had no backs on them, people began to look like they had osteperosis. Don't get me wrong...we have had ALOT of fun around this island...both sitting and standing...but I was ready for "real" stools.

I had been eyeing these ones up for a few months. I think I make my best purchases when I "stew" on the purchase for a bit. Three months later, I was ready to buy. Turns out when I went to the store, they were on sale! Even better! The bad news was the store only had 1 left. I thought I was going to cry. I NEEDED them right then and there. Not only because I set my mind to it but because we were having people over for dinner and I had envisioned them sitting in my new stools. Not one new stool and 3 old twig stools that caused osteoperosis.

Turns out the closest place that had the stools was Connecticut. Timmy is such a good sport. He immediately offered to go get them. Looking back it was probably so he could avoid me yelling things at him like "Can you just vacumm the living room?!" or "Can you clean the cat boxes?!"..even though no one would be going into the basement.

Enter our friends who loved the new brown leather stools...with backs. And I love them too! Every single day since then I have sighed and said "I love my new stools!". Every day. Multiple times a day. They are exactly what I was looking for.

When I go over to my friends' houses they are beautifully decorated. I feel like mine isn't up to the same standard. Although, once someone told me that they loved my house because it really reflected who I was. I loved that. I don't buy tschotski's or pictures or things just to decorate to fill a space. I waited 5 years to get just the right curtains. I have a big lop-sided design in my living room...just waiting for that perfect chair. I really try to just buy things that I love. Occasionally I make some mistakes...who doesn't. But for the most part, I do love the stuff in my house. And now that includes my new stools. Come on over and have a seat!

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