Saturday, February 16, 2013

What's Your Routine?

I'm a creature of habit. I have certain routines that I follow on a regular basis. Routines make me feel in control.For example, I have the same morning routine, down to the minute.

Once, I had let my hair air dry a little too long and had to quickly blow dry it before I ended up with fluffy hair. Never a good look. Fast forward to 3 hours later and I was sitting in a meeting waiting for everyone to come into the room when it hit me that I had forgotten to put make up on. Every last stitch of it. I immediately started sweating buckets and spent the entire meeting looking down so as to avoid eye contact with anyone. You might be saying "I'm sure it wasn't that bad" but let me say this.....flourescent lighting + no makeup = bad. The whole thing happened because I deviated from my routine.

For the last two years I have parked in the same parking spot in the commuter lot. With the exception of the early morning there was a snowstorm and I wanted to get closer to the train rather than trudge through the snow. That was my choice, though. And I'm not sure how it happens but everyone has their own spot/area where they park. I back into my spot every day. I wait until my clock says "7:53" before I get out of my car. Then I walk the 4 minutes up and over the bridge to the other side of the tracks to catch the train.

Two weeks ago, I worked from home for 3 days in a row. Imagine my surprise when I showed up the following Monday morning and someone was parked in "my" spot. And not a new guy's car. It was the car of a "regular" that I recognized. What the what?! Even when I have gone on vacation in the past, I have never come back to find someone has taken over my spot.

I was literally paralyzed. What was I going to do?! Ah, any logical person would just park somewhere else but I couldn't think. And then I thought too much. I had to go through my mental parking rolodex to try and remember where everyone parked so I could figure out an empty spot...because I didn't want to do the same thing to someone else.

Finally I parked but I felt out of sync. And I was mad. I knew exactly whose car it was. He usually parked at the other end of the lot....why, all of a sudden, did he decide to move and take MY spot?! For a split second I thought of putting a note on his windshield that said "This isn't your spot. Please move." But, of course, we don't have assigned parking so this wasn't true.

Four out of five days a week he gets in his little red car, drives to the restaurant in the lot, backs in, and goes in for what I imagine is 3-4 beers, or perhaps scotches, before he heads home. At first I thought maybe he was single/widowed but then I saw his ring. He's married. He looks very beaten down. I imagine his wife thinks he is working a little late, but instead he is in this stinky, old little bar, drinking his liquid courage to go home. (Side note, this is totally made up... I have no proof of this but I'm pretty sure I'm right).

This continued for 2 more days. On day 3, I realized he was sitting right in front of me on the way home. It took all my self-control not to whisper "Get out of my spot" in an exorcist voice. "Get. Out."
On the way to our cars, I gave him a look, right in the eye. It said, "Don't come back".

Apparently, my look of death worked because the very next day he was not in my spot. He had moved over one. Damn straight. By the following Monday he was parking in a completely new location. Closer to the front door of the restaurant. Took him a year to figure out this might be a better spot for him. Now he doesn't have to move his car every night. He can save himself 5 minutes and walk straight to the bar.

Did this little incident teach me anything? Did it give me pause for a moment to ask myself if it really mattered where I parked? Did it give me the opportunity to switch things up? Nope. I feel better now. "My" spot is my own again and my routine is back in action.

Thursday, February 7, 2013

An Island Gets a New Life

The day after I bought adult glasses I classed up my island with some new bar stools.

Let go back, 9 almost 10 years when we moved in. We had this great granite island installed which I absolutely loved but I needed stools to go around it. I might have moved too quickly....but I needed some seats. You know the feeling....when you set your mind to something and you just need it RIGHT can't wait. At the time, I liked the stools I bought...much like the glasses I put on my registry.

They had black iron legs and wide brown rush seats. Kind of like twigs woven together....very earthy looking. I loved them. In the beginning. But it didn't take long to realize that I got the size that was a little too high so anyone taller than me (I'm 5'3" on a good day) could barely fit their legs under the the stools got pushed out. And after awhile, because they had no backs on them, people began to look like they had osteperosis. Don't get me wrong...we have had ALOT of fun around this island...both sitting and standing...but I was ready for "real" stools.

I had been eyeing these ones up for a few months. I think I make my best purchases when I "stew" on the purchase for a bit. Three months later, I was ready to buy. Turns out when I went to the store, they were on sale! Even better! The bad news was the store only had 1 left. I thought I was going to cry. I NEEDED them right then and there. Not only because I set my mind to it but because we were having people over for dinner and I had envisioned them sitting in my new stools. Not one new stool and 3 old twig stools that caused osteoperosis.

Turns out the closest place that had the stools was Connecticut. Timmy is such a good sport. He immediately offered to go get them. Looking back it was probably so he could avoid me yelling things at him like "Can you just vacumm the living room?!" or "Can you clean the cat boxes?!"..even though no one would be going into the basement.

Enter our friends who loved the new brown leather stools...with backs. And I love them too! Every single day since then I have sighed and said "I love my new stools!". Every day. Multiple times a day. They are exactly what I was looking for.

When I go over to my friends' houses they are beautifully decorated. I feel like mine isn't up to the same standard. Although, once someone told me that they loved my house because it really reflected who I was. I loved that. I don't buy tschotski's or pictures or things just to decorate to fill a space. I waited 5 years to get just the right curtains. I have a big lop-sided design in my living room...just waiting for that perfect chair. I really try to just buy things that I love. Occasionally I make some mistakes...who doesn't. But for the most part, I do love the stuff in my house. And now that includes my new stools. Come on over and have a seat!

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Adult Glasses

Does your glass cabinet look like mine? I have 3 stemless wineglasses (one broke) that we use for everything but wine. I have 4 plastic tumblers with palm trees on them that somehow made their way into our suitcases as souvenirs from our trip to Grand Cayman. We have one Patriots glass and one Celtics glass. We have 6 little glasses that had, at one time, been filled with mint juleps at the Kentucky Derby 2 years ago. I have 3 tall glasses, each etched with sea life creatures (sea horse, starfish, lobster)....the sand dollar one broke a few years ago. It made me really sad...I love those glasses. We have a glass mug from Fort Wilderness that Tim got when he was little on one of his trips to Disney. His mom found it a few years ago in her attic and gave it to us. Now the "glasses" at Fort Wilderness are plastic. So disappointing. We have glasses that date back to our wedding. Of course there are only 3 of the small glasses, but we do still have all 4 tall ones. And I fell out of love with them about 15 years ago.

I could keep going but I think you get the picture. Bottom line, we have a complete mish mash of glasses. We had some friends over for dinner last night and I couldn't bear one more dinner with mismatched water glasses. It was time. I needed an adult set of glasses. Enter Homegoods.

There I was yesterday morning trying to figure out which glasses to get. In my mind, I had images of recycled glass glasses or fun jewel colored glasses but they didn't have anything like that. They did have glasses with dots, swirls, square tall glasses, short chunky glasses, you name it. Too many choices really. It literally took me 30 minutes to decide. In the end I went with some tall, round glasses with cobalt blue bottoms. 8 of them. I wonder how long it will take before I have 7?

Am I the only one who was without adult glasses or do alot of you have similar glass cabinets?