Tuesday, January 8, 2013

My Favorite Rooms

I loved Grethen Rubin's book The Happiness Project. I loved it so much I choose it for my bookgroup pick when it was my turn. It was written by a woman who, by all accounts, had a pretty happy life, but felt like she wasn't appreciating the good things enough. So, she spent a year trying to be mindful of the things that would make her happier as well as appreciating the good things that often got overshadowed by day to day life. Since this was the whole reason I left my job and started a blog, this book really hit home for me.

For Christmas, Tim got me the sequel Happier At Home which is about Gretchen's new quest to make her home happier. I'm only on Chapter One but I already love it. One thing that hit me was when she said that you should really love your home and feel the most  comfortable there.

It immediately got me thinking about my favorite places in our house. Two immediately come to mind. First, I love my closet. Everytime I walk into it, I feel happy. I'm lucky enough to have a walk in closet but that's not what I love most. First, everything has its place. Now, is everything always in its place? Well, no...occasionally it looks like my closet exploded but for the most part, it is pretty organized. My clothes are arranged by like items (shirts, pants, skirts, etc) and then by color. It gives me the warm and fuzzies just seeing everything so organized. There are baskets for my purses and my favorite little bowls filled with jewelry. I have pictures of the kids when they were little, pictures of me with my running friends, pictures of Tim and I....feels good to be surrounded by my peeps.

Then I converted some shadow boxes into jewelry boxes. I covered the backs with tan linen and then put in little pegs for my necklaces to hang from. Those hang above my little white table that I got at Brimfield - it's shelf is filled with all my favorite books.

The other space that I love is my office. It's completely at the end of the house past our bedroom and bathroom. It occupys the space above the garage and it has two big windows that look over the backyard. There are trees all around so when I sit at my desk, it feels like I'm in a tree house. A few times I have looked out to see deer in the backyard which is always a treat.

The room is painted Nantucket Blue and again, is filled with my favorite things. One year for Mother's Day, Tim surprised me with my desk which has a wood top and antique white bottom. I absolutely love it. On top are some of my favorite pictures of the kids, the horseshoe that Tim painted pink & green for me as a homemade gift one Christmas, tons of little Lilly notepads and notebooks in a bowl that Jack made for me, and a little card I got from an Etsy vendor that said "I will be grateful for this day". I love that little card. It's a simple reminder to be thankful for all the little things that happen throughout the day.

I have pictures all around the room. Can you tell I love pictures? I have a picture of Mimi and Jack hugging at her first ballet recital when she is five. Next to it is her little tiny ballet shoe. Hard to believe that she was that little. I have a little side table that is covered with an antique tablecloth I found one year at Brimfield. I have a bulletin board with little notes, cards, and sayings that I love. And I should mention that everything has its place. Kind of a theme here. Walking into the office just makes me happy.

I think what I love about both spaces is that they are mine and no one really goes into them so they stay tidy. Unlike spaces like the mudroom which constantly has shoes thrown everywhere on the floor even though there is an organized shelving system in the closet. According to the kids, the shelves throw the shoes out....

So, yes, I like when things are in their spot and organized. I like when I walk in and realize I don't need to clean it up yet again, rather than enjoy the room itself. No work required. Just relaxation. I like that both spaces are filled with my favorite things. I feel these spaces really reflect who I am. Most other rooms in my house feel "unfinished"....I need a chair here, I don't like the "tchotchke"arrangment there, I need some curtains in here, etc. They will get there over time, but for now I am very appreciative of the spaces I have that I do love and make me a little giddy each time I walk into them. What's your favorite space in your house?

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