Thursday, January 3, 2013

Everything In Its Place

Just like September makes me want to buy new school supplies for myself, December makes me want to organize everything so I start the year out fresh. It just feels good to make a fresh start each least it does to me. I ran into my friend Michelle today and she mentioned how she had just started organizing her house room by room because the New Year made her want to get organized. We fellow Virgos stick together, like a pack of organized, anal dogs.

I was a bit under the weather between Christmas and New Year's so I didn't get as much done as I wanted to but I got enough done that I feel like I'm starting the new year out on the right foot.

First, I tackled that tupperware/water bottle cabinet. Oh. My. Lord. I couldn't stand it. Everytime I opened the cabinet stuff was falling out, I could never find a corresponding top to the tupperware, and there was way too much stuff in there. Pinterest to the rescue, of course! I ended up buying a small tupperware drawer system to contain all the little stuff - tupperware tops, water bottle tops, and odds and end stuff. I then weeded through all the tupperware, water bottles, and misc other stuff that was in there. Now, we have a completely organized system that makes everyone remark "This is working so good!" each time they open the cabinet.

From there I moved on to my pot drawer. My ears would bleed on a daily basis as I pulled pans out, tried to find pot lids, and threw things back in as I slammed the doors shut because there was no system. Enter a pot lid rack to the rescue. Now all the lids have a home, which left room to line up the pots and pans in a more organized fasion. Again, it is working out great.

Then came the wine/beer/koozie cabinet. Timmy & I love our koozies. I always bring a koozie with me to a party. First, my koozies are cute and you always look better with a cute koozie. And secondly, no one wants cold hands all night. Lastly, we tend to buy koozies from the places we travel to as a way to remember our favorite spots. So, as you can imagine, we have too many koozies. I corraled them all into a big basket so I just have to pull down the basket to select which ones we want to use. Then I threw out random wine glasses that we don't use anymore and organized all of our beer glasses together. It feels much more organized now. Bring on the wine and beer please.

Then I tackled the freezer. Nope....don't think I will need those frost bitten peas or the three frozen blueberries still in the bag. I had to clean it out so I could make room for all the food I was making that week. It feels so good to have an oraganized freezer...I's weird.

Organizing things makes me giddy with excitement. I like things to have their place, I like to know where things are when I'm looking for them...but most of all I like to spend my time doing things like game night or snowshoeing with my family rather than looking for lost things or slamming cabinets shut before everything falls out. What have you organized lately?

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  1. Thanks for the shout out Kelly! ;) It does feel soo good to purge and organize. My one tip to add is that I found I was coming across a lot of misc. gadget accessories; USB cords, extra Apple chargers, extra headsets, cable accessories. I decided to take two decorative storage boxes that weren't really doing much and put all those misc. things in them. That way when I'm looking for a cord, I start there. I also put the "mystery" cords in a baggie and dated it so if after 6 / 8 months tops I haven't opened the baggie to use the cord, it's outta there!