Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Homemade Christmas 2012

As you know, one of my most favorite things about Christmas is our tradition of making each other a homemade gift. Getting to this point this year was a little more difficult than in years past. Apparently the kids told a few people that they don't like doing it....which was surprising to me because they have always seemed to love it. Maybe they haven't always enjoyed trying to think up things to make but the items they come up with have been so creative over the years.

When I heard that they didn't want to do it, I called a family meeting. I told them I had heard the rumors and asked if they wanted to stop doing it. They said they still wanted to....but likely only said that after I explained how it was one of my favorite things about Christmas. A little peer pressure never hurt anyone. I then went on to say that I wasn't going to keep reminding everyone to make their gifts and then I gave them a deadline to ask for supplies. Let's just say that this Sunday was like Santa's workshop....saws were buzzing, mod podge was drying, and the hammer and nails were in full swing.

Each of us have a little tree in our bedrooms. Admittedly, mine is the cutest one around. It's a driftwood Christmas tree decorated with Lilly Pulitzer decorations. We then put the homemade gifts under our trees and on Christmas morning the kids come in and we open our homemade gifts before anything else. And once again, I was not disappointed in our tradition. Everyone was so clever!

Here is what we all made for each other:

Jack made Mimi homemade bath salts in a little jar. He then wrote her initials on the top and then the date he gave it to her on the bottom. He made me a new camping log since I'm almost at the end of our current one. It's pink, of course, and he wrote inside "Each sticker represents a trip that we have been on. And we are excited to add some more stickers to the list!" For Timothy, Jack made jeep coasters. The funniest thing was that he asked Tim for all the supplies for them but he had no idea he was buying parts of his own gift.

Mimi made Jack a sports ornament. She hand painted all types of sports equipment from the sports he loves on a clear glass ball. She made Timothy lemon foot scrub...she found the idea on Pinterest, of course. She then attached some loofah gloves to go with it. Then she made me a pink and green polka dot fabric covered light switch for my closet.

I made Jack a board for his running numbers and medals. It has hooks for the numbers, an old spool as a hook for the medals, and there is a quote in a frame that says "Every day you run is a good day". Thanks for that idea Pinterest! For Mimi, I made a piece of artwork/nail polish holder. I got 4 white frames and hung them on her wall and then placed all of her nailpolish inside and on top of them. It's like her own little salon. And for Timothy, I took some of his favorite matchbox cars from when he was a kid and attached magnets so he can display/use them on the fridge.

Timothy made Mimi a Jeepster log. He bought her a light yellow Jeepster last year (because every twelve year old needs a car....) that they are going to restore together. So, the log is a picture book of the progress of their restoration. The first few pictures are of the Jeepster filled with its own parts...good thing he gave himself four years to complete this project. For Jack, who loves to decorate his room for Christmas, he made a sports themed wreath. First, he went out and cut down the grapevine and then he fashioned it into a wreath. He then attached all kinds of sports things like little baseballs, etc. Then for me he found a little driftwood frame at a yard sale this summer so he put in a picture of me and two of my good friends....at my favorite place...Race Point Beach in Truro. Then he glued a starfish on it that we found on that exact beach last Memorial Day Weekend.

Now you understand why I love this so much, right? Everyone puts so much thought into coming up with the ideas and it is always so exciting to see what everyone made for you. I'm glad we continued the tradition and I hope we never stop doing it.

I hope everyone has a very Merry Christmas today!!

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