Saturday, October 6, 2012

Whales Like the Rain

It has rained for a week straight. A whole week of dreary, drizzly, cold, rainy weather. It just makes you want to crawl back into bed and sleep for a week.

Yesterday as I was walking from the train to my car I realized I forgot my umbrella. Total panic overtook me. Now, if this was just a plain old black umbrella I would have left it. But this was my $40 JCrew navy blue with green whales umbrella that I have had for 5 years and love like crazy. It is so darn cute. It has a bright green handle that matches the whales and as soon as I put the umbrella up I smile a little, despite the rain. For a split second I told myself it was too late, just forget it. But then I said to myself, “Are you crazy, girl?!”
It was like a romantic novel. Cue up the dramatic music. I ran back to the train and grabbed the eye of the conductor. “Wait!” I yelled. “Going to Worcester, Miss?” he asked. “No, I forgot my umbrella on the train! Can I come back on?” I yelled in a panicked voice. He hesitated for a minute and then said with a disappointing shake of his head “Ok, go ahead.” Then he radioed to the train conductor “Hold on…we got a lady who needs her umbrella.” If I wasn’t feeling so desperate to find my baby I would have taken a minute to make a snide comment.

I was immediately faced with a wall twenty people deep waiting on the stairs, on two levels, for the next stop. “Excuse me…Excuse me!” I pushed my way through up the stairs only to remember I was actually sitting one car over. Crap! I ran through the car, down the stairs, up the stairs, and with wobbly legs, I finally retrieved my umbrella. You would have thought I forgot my child with how I felt at that moment.
I turned and began to run back…only to be faced with those same 20 people lining the aisle, wondering what the hold up could be. “Excuse me…Excuse me!” Some people didn’t even move and I had to give them a push to get them to move. Seriously? Can you not just move over a hair?!

When I got to the door I wanted to say thank you to the conductor but he wasn’t there so I just jumped off. I kept looking behind to see if I would see him and at the last second I spotted him from the car I had been in. He had made his way through to let me out a different door but I hadn’t seen him. “Did you find it?!” he yelled. “I did! Thank you so much!!” I yelled back. I would have hugged him if I could.
It’s a totally stupid thing. I was reunited with my umbrella. But it totally made my day. It’s funny the little things that make your day.

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