Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Recipe for an Adults Only Weekend

For the past 3 years, on the weekend of my birthday, we have gone to Truro for Adult Camping Weekend...or ACW, as we like to call it. It's us and two other couples. Everyone has their assigned beds, we have our menu pretty set, and yes, there are jeeps involved. These things never change.

By now, we all have our favorite things that we like to do and we try to fit them all in. But, no matter what we do we always have a blast. It just takes a few key ingredients to have a great time:

Start with a Like Minded Vision - It's hard to have a fun time when everyone wants to do different things. There is bound to be disappointment. With our group, we love sitting on the beach. All day. We would never do that at home....sit for that long. But on ACW it is okay to soak up the sun, stare out to sea, be silent, read books, watch whales jump on the horizon, and fall asleep. It's okay because we all do it, all day long.

Bring a Jeep and Add a Dose of the National Seashore - There is nothing like riding around with the top down, cruising over the dunes. It feels like home. It feels less like home when you see signs that say "Recent Shark Sightings". Ignore those.

Add Some Music - music is key. From Empire State of Mind to Dancing Queen to The Cure's Pictures of Me....it's all good. We all have our "At Bat" songs....you should definitely play those.

Mix up a signature cocktail - It should be different every year but you shouldn't try to sip your cocktail out of Twizzler Straws. That causes headaches and really doesn't work well. You should also not let boys mix the drinks. For some reason they think you just add a splash of juice to a glass of booze. That can lead to trouble.

Add some great food - Greek feta dip, broccoli salad, sausage & egg burritos, mussels in cream sauce with specks of sausage, or pink and green cupcakes. Just eat your hearts out.

Then add a Dash of Dancing - After all that sitting, we like to dance. In the camper. At the beach at sunset. And again after dark. We aren't picky about the spot. I should mention we are really good dancers. I think that is why people are always looking at us when we dance. In fact, I'm pretty sure of it. I'm also pretty sure that if you turn the music up as loud as it goes in the camper, even with the windows shut, your neighbors will not like it and the campground Po Po will pay a visit.

But don't worry about the weather - You can go to the beach, eat, and dance under sunny or stormy skies. And trust me, you can even have fun with a hurricane bearing down...although it makes you think twice about being in a little metal box tethered only to the car with winds blowing at 50mph.

Give all of that a good mix and you will end up with tons of laughter and lots of great memories. It's perfect everytime!

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