Monday, August 13, 2012

I Got A Feeling....

While we were on vacation, we stayed at the beach until almost 7 every night. Mind you, it was still in the mid to high 80's at that time so we easily lost track of time. We walked off the beach every night feeling relaxed and wondering why we didn't live someplace like the Outerbanks. Someplace with a mild climate, that was warm 7-8 months out of the year, and where you only had to drive 10 minutes at any given point to get to the beach.

Okay, technically there are alot of reasons why we don't live someplace like this - regular hurricanes, job market, etc. But put that aside for a minute. Wouldn't you love to come home from work, grab the kids, and run off to the beach to catch the sunset? It would totally shift your mood every day.

After discussing it for several days we came to the conclusion that if we lived someplace like that, we probably wouldn't take advantage of it. Life would take over. There would be homework and dinner and nighttime activities. We would be tired or wouldn't get home in time to get it together.Watching the sunset on the beach would fall to the bottom of the list, unfortunately.

Life is so busy, isn't it? It really got us thinking about how we could slow it down. I wrote down a quote once that I loved. It read "You are only as crazy busy as you make yourself." In concept, I think that is true. Oftentimes, there are many things out of your control that make a day crazy but I do believe that we make our lives so much more complicated than they need to be. It's all about choices and what we choose to spend our time on. I have to admit, I have to remind myself of that from time to time. When I feel overwhelmed by all that I have going on, I ask myself "What do I really HAVE to do." Many times, the answer to that question is only a quarter of what I expected of myself that day.

We don't live near the beach so watching the sunset with sand in our toes isn't going to happen unless we are on vacation or visiting family and friends who live near the beach But we realized we don't need the beach to recreate the same feeling. It's all about taking advantage of the time you have with what you have. Instead of rushing in from work and asking the kids about their day while making dinner, we could just sit and relax for a bit and reconnect. After dinner, instead of cuddling up in front of the tv, we could go out and roast s'mores. We could just sit in our backyard and watch the sunset (of course that would be once the mosquitos die down...). But there are lots of things we could all do at least once a week to recreate that vacation feeling. We don't have to wait until those 2 or 3 weeks out of the year when we officially go on vacation to relax.

We can do this at any time. What do you do to capture that vacation feeling when you are home?

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  1. Your not going to believe this Kellie, but we haven't had a vacation in years. I love your ideas though. Summer is like a vacation for me I guess because I have it off. Great post as usual!