Monday, August 6, 2012

I-E-I-E Oh....

I had an ephiphany while driving 16 hours to the Outerbanks. Well, let me rephrase...I wasn't doing any driving. I was the co-pilot which consisted of reading books and magaines, dispensing snacks and waters to the driver when necessary, and occasionally consulting the map for further directions.

Regardless, with that much time in the car, you do alot of thinking.

Since my name, which I think is the best name ever, ends in the "i-e" sound, am I most comfortable with names that end with that sound? Let me run this by you. Tim has been called Timothy or occasionally Tim most of this life. He certainly was never called Timmy. That's where I come in. I started calling him that one time just for fun and now he is affectionately known as Timmy among our friends. My first unconscious attempt to make his name similar to mind? Perhaps.

When I brought Meredith home from the hospital, Jack was too young too walk (yeah, I know...I thought it would take awhile to get pregnant again but it didn't...), never mind spit out his sister's three syllable name. One day he pointed to her and called her Mimi. I couldn't have been more's a cute preppy name and it's perfect for her. Turns out it also ends in "i-e" sound. I'm not responsible for this nickname but maybe we kept it around because of the ending.

When Jack was around 7 or 8, we started calling him Jackie sometimes at home. Like a pet name. I can tell you from experience, you should not use your child's pet name in public, like at a baseball game when your child is about age 10. "Great hit, Jackie!" doesn't go over well, no matter how far the ball is hit. I think I started the nickname just came out one day.

Look at our pets: Sadie, Buddy, Wally, Ivy...and my first cat that I had on my own, Gracie.

As far as my friends go, if my friend's names don't end in the "i-e" sound, I have, in most cases, altered their names so they have that ending, like Annie for Ann and Lynnie for Lyn. I haven't done it on purpose, and in fact, I didn't even realize it until I was forced to think for 16 hours straight about mindless things like this. But it is interesting, isn't it?

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  1. I didn't know Mimi was Meredith. That is my daughter's name. When Steven was little he called her May Yay. My family calls me Susie and my brother has been Richie is whole life until Jeanne started calling him Richard. We still call him Richie! I love your posts Kell IE!!!!! Have a great week. Susan