Monday, June 4, 2012

Taming the Hairy Beast

Well, I encountered a moment that was not on my bucket list…but one that I knew would come eventually. Mimi asked me to help her shave her legs for the first time. Insert sound of tires screeching. At least that is the sound that went off in my head when she asked me. She shoved her leg in my face and said “Have you seen these things?! They are so hairy!” Inside I was saying “Oh Yes….I have seen them….you definitely take after your French Canadian ancestors” but instead I said “Let’s go take care of them”. I was riding that fine balance of not wanting to call attention to them with wanting to take care of them before some schoolmate called attention to them.

Tim was all relaxed on the porch, reading the paper when I said, “I’ll be right back….I have to go shave Mimi’s legs.” He looked up. Blink, Blink. Looked away and then blinked again before saying “What?!” Yep, it’s true. She really is growing up. Although this is just a little thing, I don’t think either of us were quite ready for the reality of it. Especially me who actually has to have all these conversations and do all these things….while Timmy sits, blinks, and screams “NOOOOO!” inside.

I wanted her memory of her first shaving experience to be very different than mine which went a little like this. There I sat in the tub, covered up to my neck with big fluffy bubbles. My kitty, Satin, sat on the edge of the tub with her tail twitching, hunting bubbles that were popping left and right before she had a chance to bite them. It was at that moment that I spied my mother’s pink razor, just itching to be used. I was 6 or 7. And I decided to shave my arms. My mother walked in and screamed just as I was proudly inspecting my smooth arms. “Oh my God! What have you done?! Now your hair will grow back twice as thick and you’ll have monkey arms!” Ka-ching! That’s the sound of the money that should have been dropped into the therapy jar. From that moment on I had a complex about my arms…until about 10 years ago when I just gave up and decided to embrace them. I really don’t think my arms were ever more furry than they would have been had I not shaved but once someone puts that thought in your head, it’s kind of hard to shake that self-image.

When I got upstairs Mimi said “Do you think you are up for the challenge of these beasts?” Turns out the beasts took a half hour to tame. I gave up after 15 minutes and left her to tame leg #2. In the end, she was very impressed with how soft they were, and excited by her new look.

Enter Day 2. I get a text at work that says:
Mimi: I 4got 2 shave few areas on my lowerlegs and on one nee so I hav weird fur patches there
Me: Just go shave them. Btw, I forgot 2 tell u that u now have 2 shave them every few days….4 the rest of your life
Mimi: u never mentioned that yesterday. I think I need my own razor then. Plz make it pink.
Me: U got it

Day 3 – more hair is found:
Mimi: Ok the hair on the back of my legs are growin back but its like long and its only like in the middle of the bone.
Me: Just go shave it.
Me: Shaving ur legs is never going to be perfect.
Mimi: Shaving is a pain.

Yes, my friend, it is. Although in the scheme of things that we have to deal with as women is not as much a pain as other things. I’m happy to be dealing with shaving legs at the moment. Baby steps. Is it too late to stick her in the bubble and keep her at the age of 5, skipping next to me, holding my hand, with her pony tails flying in the wind?


  1. Too funny...a cute story; she is growing up after all! Your story brought back my memories of my first shaving experience - LOL.

  2. Don't blink, it goes by much to fast. Pretty soon it will me another milestone to sigh over. Sweet post.