Friday, April 13, 2012

Thirty Days Later

Somehow I lost track of when I started my 30 day challenge to not wear the same outfit twice. Let's just review my self-imposted rules:

1.I could wear the same item of clothing but I couldn't pair it with the same pants/shirt/sweater.
2. Work-out outfits don't count.

Pretty simple, right? Well, I have to say, I'm pretty sure I lasted longer than 30 days and did not repeat an outfit once. Normally, I find an outfit I feel good in and think looks cute and I rewear it all the time. Before this challenge, I'm sure everyone was tired of seeing my grey/white shirt, orange sweater, and jeans. C'mon...grey and orange...who doesn't love that combo?!

About 2 weeks in, the challenge got tougher. I was so tempted to resort to my tried and true outfits. I kept telling myself, "Tomorrow, I'll just wear one of my old outfits" but the next day I would get up and assemble a new outfit yet again. I'm not a quitter and I like a good challenge. In the end, I was amazed that it wasn't as hard as I thought. And throughout this experiment, I learned a few things:

1. You can be far more creative with your wardrobe when you want to be. The next time you reach for that same old, comfortable outfit, I'd like to challenge you to just change out one element. Pair it with an unexpected color (think opposites on the color wheel)or trade that sweater for a cute jacket. Today I wore a pair of jeans, white t-shirt, and a black jacket from a suit I haven't worn since my corporate days. I paired it with some zebra flats and a turquoise necklace. I thought it was a super cute outfit (for those that saw me today and disagree, keep it to yourself...).

2. There are some clothes you haven't worn in awhile for a reason. I went to a home clothing party about 2 years ago with my friend Ann. On the way there we made a solemn pact that we would not buy a tank top for $50. You know how that go to a jewelry party and you want to support your friend but you don't want to spend $60 on a pair of earrings. Three glasses of wine and a bunch of girl chat later you walk out $150 poorer. A few weeks later that $50 tank top arrives along with its friend the $100 belt you never wear. It happens to the best of us. Well, sure enough that night Ann and I left after she purchased a $90 plain white shirt and I purchased a $90 yellow sleeveless top with a ribbon neck. It was a "3-in-one" piece. "You can wear it backwards and tie the scarf in the back into a can wear it with the scarf in the front and tie it at the neck...or you can just throw the ribbon over your shoulder like a scarf." Fast forward to everytime I attempted to wear it. First, mustard yellow is not my color. Actually, I'm not sure whose color it is. Secondly, when you wear it backwards, it actually looks like you got dressed in the dark. All day long people you encounter have that look on their face like "Should I tell her....?" And lastly, but most importantly, I'm pretty sure bows at the neck went out in the 70's. I have been staring at this shirt for a year so one day, during my challenge, I busted it out. Let's just say that by the end of the day the $90 my puke yellow 3-in-one piece was in the local clothing bin at my church.

3. You have more clothes than you think. I love those articles in magazines that show how 10 wardrobe pieces can be made into 30 outfits. Let's be honest, some of those outfits are just stupid and no one should wear them in public. But for the most part, there are some interesting combos. At least once a week I look at the clothes in my closet and think "I have nothing to wear". From now on, I won't say that anymore, because I do have things to wear but I just have to take the time to think creatively.

4. Being creative with your outfits can inspire others. Mimi came down the other day wearing a tank, cardigan, jeans rolled up, some cute flats...and one of my scarfs. It looked adorable. When she caught me eyeing up her outfit she said "I just felt like doing something different today". I love that my experiment rubbed off on her.

Well, I'm officially off the New Outfit Everday Wagon so cut me some slack if you see me in the same outfit twice....unless I wear it two days in a row. I hope this post makes you think twice the next time you reach for that same old, comfortable outfit!

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  1. I love a good challenge as much as the next person, but I would fail miserably at this one. Don't you hate going to those types of parties. I always spend too much and then feel bad the next day.