Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Rain Dance

On Monday, I started the dreaded and torturous training for a 5K in June...my second one. By 8 am, I was glad that I had gotten up early, finished my work out for the day, and I even had a spring in my step. Getting to this point though, went a little something like this:

Sunday afternoon: Compulsively watching every news channel in hopes of hearing a weather prediction of a “Raining Cats & Dogs” kind of morning.
Sunday night 6:30 pm: I receive a text from my friend that says "Is it going to be raining in the morning?" I reply "I hope not...I will melt"

Sunday night 8 pm: Confirmation of rain in the morning from several different news channels. I heart the weathermen. I email my friend/running partner to say “I am not running in the rain.”

Shortly thereafter my friend emails the trainer and asks “Just to be clear, we don’t run in the rain right?”

Complete silence from the trainer…not a peep all night. And yes, I checked my phone every 15 minutes until I went to bed.
Monday, 5:15 am – Alarm goes off with, what appears to be, an unusually loud buzz. I drag myself out of bed. As I begin to shuffle down to the living room, I remember the rain. I run to the window. The pavement is wet but I don’t see any falling rain. I don’t yet have my contacts in so it could be raining. I still have hope. On the way to the couch I grab my phone, turn on the tv, and curl up in the fetal position on the couch with my blankie.

5:20 am – I check my email. No messages from the trainer. I check all the news stations…apparently the rain has passed. I no longer heart the weathermen. Why did I sign up for this?! It’s still dark out. I hate the cold. I want to stay curled in my blankie.

5:30 am – When I can no longer avoid it, I shuffle back upstairs to get dressed and put my eyeballs in. A quick scan out of my bathroom window confirms the worst. It’s not raining and I am going to have to go out there. Damn it to hell.
5:43 am – my running partners arrive. Not, I might add, at the agreed upon time of 5:45 but rather 2 minutes early. Let’s not start this party any earlier than we have to, girls. I step outside into the cold. Quick intake of breath (that I can see in the dark) and then I throw in an "Oh shit" to all my little animal friends that can hear me.

We gab a minute or two and then by 5:45 am the car is silent again. If we had bubbles over our heads I think they would have all been saying “ohmygodohmygod I don’t want to do this”

5:55 am we arrive at our meeting spot and step back out into the cold and darkness. Okay, I’ll admit it…there is a little something to be said about “all being in this together”. The sun is coming up...we have weathered this morning together...I’m feeling some sisterly love here. Then our trainer appears and assaults us with her words.. “Let’s go girls!” Boy she is awful perky for this time of the morning.

6:01 am we are off! I turn on my new running playlist and I’m good to go. This time last year when we started our one minute jog, one minute walk business, I all but threw up my lungs. One minute felt like one hour. Thanks for a mild winter and, okay, I’ll admit it, a newfound fondness for running, I have actually been running and/or walking on a somewhat regular basis so this isn’t so bad.

6:05 am I remember how boring running can be. Marathon runners amaze me. They run for HOURS…without stopping. What the what?! I couldn’t keep myself entertained with my thoughts for that long. I have to force myself to stop making to do lists in my head because it is stressing me out that I don’t have anything to write them on. I’m worried I will forget to buy flowers for my front step for Easter, find the carrot recipe, remember I have to buy underwater cameras for the kids for vacation in two weeks, and oh yeah, I need to pluck my brows. Crap, I’m going to forget all this until the last minute!

6:15 am – I am feeling a little cocky. I tell my friend Cori that all this stopping and starting isn’t working out for me. I would just rather run for awhile. I feel like I am not getting the best workout. Of course I should remind myself that just getting up and doing anything is getting a workout. I know there is a big hill coming up and I decide to just go for it and challenge myself. And I’m afraid our trainer will tell us to start running once we hit the bottom of the hill. I’d rather get a running start and see if the wind can help me out a bit.

As I approach the top of the hill, my legs and lungs are considering jumping ship. Come on. Come on. Stay with me. In the end, I made it! I am happy that I pushed myself and it really wasn’t as bad as I had imagined.

6:25 am we are doing our final loop in the parking lot to cool down and then we have a quick group discussion. It seems that all of us are in much better shape so we are going to kick up the training a few notches next week. I'm impressed with us.

6:30 am we are in the car on the way home. Actually, we are in the car on the way to a roadside pick. My sister in law not only got in some exercise but she found a sewing table for her daughter along the way. What a great morning!

That is until we saw our trainer come out of her house and go for a run...again. Apparently our little run didn't provide enough of a workout for her. It felt like she was cheating on us or something.

8 am – I am all showered, feeling energetic, and am ready to go to work even earlier than normal. I’m not sure how that happened but I’ll take it.

Fast forward to 10 am – I’m in a meeting and feel like Baby Drowsy. I actually nodded off in the meeting. Head bob and everything. I need a nap stat. Or chocolate. Either one would do just fine.

In the end, I made it through the day with the assistance of some diet coke and a Samoa Girl Scout Cookie. Thank you to whoever left those on the counter at work. Bless you.

And tomorrow it starts all over again. Its hard to explain but as much as I dread it, I also look forward to it. Unless its raining, of course.

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  1. Go Kelly! Proud of you and laughing at your lead up to the run, I do the same thing! I've been trying to walk up to the 6th floor as many days as possible at work... by the time I hit Back Bay station I've got my own running mantra in my head "should I get coffee? can't get coffee and walk stairs? maybe I'll come back down and get coffee? am I too tired to walk the 6 flights? does my ankle hurt, maybe I'm injured and should take it easy?" but if I just put my head down, walk thru the turnstile and open the door to the stairs, I'm in it. Tho I'm huffing and puffing by the time I hit the 3rd floor and thinking I should just give up and find an elevator, it feels great when I do hit the 6th floor and realize I'll live! ;-]