Saturday, February 25, 2012

Lessons Learned

Last weekend I saw my friend Nancy at the hair salon...I haven't seen her in at least 6 months. When I asked her how she was doing she said "Busy..." and then said "Just kidding...I'm just saying that because I read your blog. I hate when people say they are busy too!" I love that the things I write about might make us think twice about saying things like "I'm busy" and instead opt for sharing ourselves in a more authentic way.

We laughed for a minute and then she lowered her voice and said "Sometimes I think you are writing about me!" I think there are moments when we all think that...and it's only because we all feel the same way. Because I am addicted to Pinterest, I am finding a similar kinship when others pin things I like or when they repin things that I originally pinned. It's silly but it feels like a validation that the things I like are valued in some way...that in some way we are sharing similar feelings and we are on the same page. My friend Beth recently emailed me and said "I know we haven't talked in awhile but I feel like we are talking alot because I see you on Pinterest. We love the same things." It's just one indication of why we are good friends...I can see an image that was pinned and know it was from her even before I see her name.

Pinterest is full of little sayings that I tend to ignore but once in awhile I come across a saying that hits a cord in me for whatever reason. I have a whole notebook of little sayings that I have collected throughout life. It's funny...I never really go back and look at them...I just like to write them down and know some day they will come in handy. Some of my recent favs include:

"Don't let others dull your sparkle" - I just love this. First, the quote was in pink and green on Pinterest so I was immediately drawn to it. Secondly, its so important to be confident in just being yourself, not matter what other people think. I think I may reprint that and frame it for Mimi's room. Of course, hindsight is can only appreciate this quote when you have confidence in sharing your sparkle with everyone.

"Knitting is the new yoga". Seriously, a year ago, who would have thought I would be saying this? I can only thank my Sensei Cori and my knitting pal Ann for sticking with our knitting circle. Ann and I took yoga together about three years ago and I was in a period of my life that I was stressed about everything. During every class, I had to resist the urge to yell at my yoga instructor to move the class along. I often left the class more stressed then when I started. When I started knitting Cori told me I needed to stitches were tight and my body language screamed, "Get this over with!". Last week I almost impaled the guy next to me with my needles on a flight because I was so loose with them. My sensei would have been proud of me.

Last week, a friend and I got into a discussion about never having enough time in the day to get everything done. She said she was going to ask for a free day a month for her birthday. Just 12 days a year is not much to ask for right? Sadly, we are putting "alone time" on our wish lists these days. I came across a quote on Pinterest that made me think of her...and all of us that wish there was just one more hour in the day. It is by John Burroughs and reads: "I still find each day too short for all the thoughts I want to think, all the walks I want to take, all the books I want to read, and all the friends I want to see." Note that the quote doesn't wish for more hours in the day to work or more time to clean the house. I feel like if there was one quote that could sum up how much I have changed in the last 2 years, this would be it. In the old days, that quote wouldn't even have resonated with me because having time to read books and take walks wouldn't even have been on my to-do lists.

We are two months into the year so far....there is plenty of time to focus on being your authentic self, relax more, and find time for the things that you love!

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