Thursday, December 22, 2011

Random Acts of Smiling

A few weeks ago I noticed a cat hanging out under a car near where the train pulls into South Station. At first I felt sad for the cat. What kind of life is that for a cat? Living on the side of the train tracks, hanging out under a car for warmth, and having to scavenge for food. Each morning I found myself looking for the cat and most mornings he was there. Then one day he wasn't there anymore.

This week two new cats appeared. A rough looking grey guy and a black and white fluff ball. Suddenly the black and white cat looked straight at me and it took my breath away. It looked EXACTLY like my cat Gracie that died a few years ago, after 14 long years. I found myself smiling back at the cat and I said hi to Gracie in my head. Each day this week I have seen Gracie and her pal Smokey (yes, I have named them) and I catch myself smiling.

On Monday on the train, I was feveriously working on my finishing my homemade gift for Mimi, a scarf, and was completely absorbed in the pattern. Out of the corner of my eye I could see my seat mate looking over at me. My first reaction was "Oh great...another train freak." I started packing up my scarf and getting ready to get out when the older gentlemen leaned over and said "Working on a Christmas gift?" I laughed and asked "Is it that obvious?" He gave a chuckle and went on to explain that his wife was a knitter. She had retired three years ago and the knitting store where she attends knitting circle asked if she would start teaching classes. He said "It doesn't pay much but she does it because she loves to share her passion with others." The train pulled and we both told each other to have a good day. I found myself smiling the whole time I walked to work.

I try to work from home one day a week, if my schedule allows. And if my meeting schedule works out, I try to zip out and pick up the kids from school. Each and every time I do, I see Mimi's eyes searching for my car. And then her face breaks into this shy little grin when she sees me. Jack always comes out later than her and gives me a little wave. Every single time I pick them up it is the same and I absolutely love it. I just find myself smiling all the way home. How many more years will I have of this? I'll take it for every second I can get it.

Mimi recently performed in her winter's probably the 6th concert we have been too in the last few years and we never see her. She is petite and ends up getting placed behind taller kids. After every concert she asks "How did I look up there?" and we always tell her she looked great, despite having never seen her. During the last concert the band was getting ready to play and it was quiet. Suddenly you hear a little voice from the audience that says "Whyz it so quiet Mama?" How can you not smile at that? The little teeny voice, all the kids cute.

It's a silly little thing...just smiling at the random moments in life but you'll be surprised how much brighter it makes your day. When was the last time you caught yourself smiling at something random? If it's been awhile you should slow down and relish the little moments in life.

I wish you all a very Merry Christmas and I already have my next blog post planned out. Each year we make a homemade gift for each other and they are always the highlight of my Christmas. I can't wait to tell you what the gifts are this year! That is, assuming they are finished...Jack and Tim are still "working on" theirs...

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  1. I work at an elementary so I find myself smiling all day. I LOVE MY JOB! Have a wonderful Christmas with your lovely family. Susan