Tuesday, December 13, 2011

I'm Dreaming of a Pink and Green Christmas....

This year I had the incredible opportunity to go to the Kentucky Derby (thanks again, Jill!) and it totally made my entire year. Imagine my complete surprise when I had yet another opportunity of a lifetime fall into my lap...twice in one year. Last week I got up at 4 am, flew to Pennsylvania, and was able to attend the...wait, you better sit...I was able to attend the Lilly Pulitzer warehouse sale and reap incredible savings on everything pink and green that I love. It was silly stupid crazy good.

How did I get this opportunity you ask? Let's just say that I have a friend who knows someone who knows someone. Did I know she had this connection when I first met her? Not a clue. Did it make me love her even more when I did find out? In the words of Sarah Palin "You Betcha!" Seriously, what are the chances that I have a friend that has a connection to Lilly Pulitzer??!! Hold on....let me just dab my eyes a minute...

I wish I could have taken pictures of what happened but I couldn't waste a minute doing anything other than grabbing things off of rounders and hoarding them in my bag. Oh, the bag. Let me back up. When we got there, they gave us a shopping bag that literally stretched from my shoulder to the floor. I should have known right then this was going to be dangerous to my wallet. Later I found out it was dangerous to my health when the bag I slung over my shoulder starting cutting off my blood supply.

With bag in hand, the doors opened, and obviously experienced ladies, clad in adorable pink sweaters and tassled loafers, ran like bats out of hell toward the "sample" wall. This is where they have incredible deals on clothes that were on mannequins in the store and windows. Women were whipping through racks in 2 seconds flat...pulling clothes off the racks and shoving them in their bags. I didn't see one thing in my size but got so caught up in the frenzy that I just tossed things in my bag. At one point, I found myself putting size 2T kids shorts in my bag...for myself. What can I say? It was a cute pattern.

I looked across the warehouse and women were running like crazy to the other side of the room. I felt like I must be missing something so I ran too...dragging my bag filled with toddler shorts and tiny mannequin clothes. I ran into a rack with shorts and skirts in my size and it was seriously like Christmas. I thought I would cry. All my favorite prints at an affordable prices?! I had to pinch myself.

Almost an hour passed before I ran into my friend. She was holding up a flat "board" in one of my favorite prints. "Did you see these?" she asked. I had no idea what it was but Mama wanted some. Turns out they were coolers! I just ran away from her in mid sentence to throw one in my bag. I turned to find a woman throwing 3 in her bag and then she turned to me with crazed eyes and said "What are these?!" Oh. My.

I bumped into my friend again and she showed me an incredibly adorable pair of pink and green ruffled flip flops that she found. But before she could tell me where she found them my eyes were wandering. She looked at me and said "You aren't even paying attention..." She followed my eyes and we both sprinted for ruffled pashimas in every color in the Lilly rainbow. I grabbed bubble gum pink...she grabbed ocean blue. Insert sigh. Just thinking about it again makes me feel giddy all over again.

We literaly dragged our bags into the dressing room to start the trying on process. I'm not sure what I expected but you know how when you go to the hospital and you can't stop yourself from looking in the rooms and when you do look, you see things you wish you had never seen...well, the dressing room was like that. About 50 women had dropped trow and were standing in their bras, and in way too many cases, granny pants. You didn't want to look but there was nowhere to rest your eyes without seeing something you wish you hadn't. Listen, I know they were thinking the same thing about me but it was just like when you give birth. You don't want the doctor and nurse to see your lady parts birthing a creature, but when the moment comes, you just don't care. So, I did what everyone else did. I just stripped down and started trying on my goodies. It took 45 minutes to get to the bottom of the bag.

That's when round 2 began. I put my toddler shorts back and began to scour the warehouse again. It was like being at a completely different store! I filled my bag with things I had completely missed the first time around and hit the dressing room for the second time. Three hours later we found ourselves doing our final sort of what we had to have while hearing the warning that it was time to head to the registers before the doors closed. This warning, however, threw us into a final frenzy and we began grabbing things that we just couldn't leave without....scarves, sweaters, pashimas...in the bag they went and through the register they rang.

As we laid out all our treasures and gazed lovingly at all our goodies later that night, we all agreed that there wasn't anything we bought that we didn't love and there was nothing that we regretted buying. This situation had a high probability of that happening so I was very proud of us for really sticking to our guns. I think it was more a matter of sticking to a budget that wouldn't bankrupt us, but let's not get technical.

Kentucky Derby...Lilly Pulitzer warehouse sale....what's next?? I can't wait to see what 2012 brings!

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  1. Lily Pulitzer.... I love Lily! That must have been an awesome shopping experience!

    Have a Merry Christmas Kelly and Happiest of new years to you and your family.