Sunday, October 16, 2011

Jeep Hoarding

Last year, Tim bought Mimi her first car. A 1960- something preppy yellow Jeepster. Mimi was 11 at the time. Yes, that's right....5 years before she was due to get her license. It was "an incredible deal". Last month, Tim rolled in with Jack's first car...I mean, Jeep...a black 80-something Jeep Renegade with royal blue stripes. Jack is 13 but Tim "couldn't pass it up". I'm no dummy. My husband is a jeep hoarder and I know it. These two new additions have joined "our family" of a 1950 something jeep wagon, a 1957? CJ 7, and a 2009 Jeep 4-door. Oh, I should mention I drive a GMC Arcadia. Let's just take a moment to count....that's 6 cars and only 2 drivers....for the next 3 years.

Is my dream car a Jeep? Nope. I would love a 1970's bug....preferably light blue with white walls and a black top, although honestly I would take any color. What's cuter than that? But, when you fall in love, you often find that suddenly the things your spouse loves inevitably becomes part of your Jeeps. I can spot one in an overgrown backyard going 60 mph down an unknown road. I've gained some skills over the years. While on a weekend visit to Nantucket this summer, home of the coolest old Jeeps, Mimi & Tim walked ahead of Jack and I and I heard her utter the words "Tell me about the history of the Jeep, Daddy...". She ended up with a few treats that weekend....she also has gained some impressive skills over the years.

But, I'm not looking for treats....I'm looking for space in my park my car. I'm looking to only have the same amount of cars as licensed drivers in my house. Don't get me's great to have a hobby and a passion. And in all honesty, if all I have to deal with is Tim being crazy for Jeeps, I have it easy. And I will give Timmy credit for planning ahead for his kids. But for the love of God, Timmy, stop bringing the Jeeps home.

I thought this was the end of the blog but Tim came home tonight weaving the story of the new "treasure" he found that would be perfect "for us". I'm not kidding. I heard him trying to convince Mimi it was the car for her. Uhhhmmm...she already has a car, remember?!

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