Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Almond Joys and Shooting Stars

Mimi and I were laying in bed recently, chatting before she went to sleep. We were talking about what we loved about being Girlie Girls. I told her I loved my friends and it's important to me to make time for them. I told her she should always make her friends a priority because girlfriends are what makes your heart happy. Being with girlfriends is a time to be yourself, Little Kelly if you will. Not a Mom, or a Wife, or anything else...just yourself. I explained to Mimi that it is so important to always find time to just be yourself, otherwise it is hard to play all the other roles in life that you have to.

Just two weeks ago, we went to Nantucket with 2 other couples for our annual Dark & Stormy Weekend, to not only be alone as couples but also have Girlie Girl time...and I suppose Boyie Boy time too. We arrived on the island, checked into our Inn, and immediately regressed to 12 years old. One couple hadn't arrived yet so we went into their room and stole the candy the Innkeepers had left for them, Almond Joys (we had stale Hershey kisses in our rooms), and at the last minute, decided not to turn their heat up to 100. We headed off to lunch at Lola Burger, which was yummy. We had always wanted to go and just decided to do it. Why not...we were right there afterall. Only on Nantucket can you find $20 burgers. What makes a burger so incredibly good that it is worth $20? We aren't sure, actually, but at least we can say we tried the burgers there...and they were very good.

We picked up our Jeep (of course) and immediately rode out to the beach. If we had our kids with us, they would have complained the whole time..."It's too windy...why are we at the beach when we can't swim...when are we leaving?" But we didn't have any of that. Instead we searched for beach treasures while overlooking Tuckernuck Island, sipping beers, enjoying just being ourselves. The girls walked together and chatted. The guys stayed behind and probably talked about inappropriate things. And then we had great laughs as friends.

Couple #3 arrived shortly thereafter, we picked them up, and headed out to Cisco Brewery. Last year, at this time when we were there, we had a Weekend at Bernie's experience. There was a guy, who looked just like Bernie, who was dead in a chair. We took pictures of ourselves with him until his wife came up to us and said he was not actually dead, but rather an ER doctor and had been on call for 48 hours and needed a nap. Oh. Sorry. This year, while we played left, right, center and tried some Pumple Drumpkin (can you say that 5 times fast after a few beers?). we met a newlywed couple from Philly and their new friends from Central Mass...otherwise known as Metrowest because they lived in the next town over from us. Jeepers...(Timmy, like the jeep reference?) should know what county you live in, people. The next few hours are fuzzy at best. We went back to the Inn, had some apps and too much wine, and got changed for dinner. Was it an hour...or several hours? Does it matter? We laughed a lot and left for dinner ready for fun.

We started out the next day with a nice long walk on the beach. Correction. The boys started out the day with one leg on the jeep bumper, drinking coffee, and talking about boy stuff. The girls went for a nice long walk on the beach, collecting beach treasures, and talking about everything from broken dishwashers to our dreams for the future (enjoying the Island Life on Nantucket). Suddenly it was time for lunch, which was yummy at Centre Street Bistro, and then we went on a Jeep Rescue, led by Timmy of course. Then we were off to the beach again to hunt for treasures and watch the sunset. We took silly pictures of each other, laughed so hard that our old bladders were ready to tinkle, and toasted to many more weekends like this...just being us.

For dinner we went out to celebrate my friend's Cori's birthday at Black Eyed Susan's, which was very good. We drank too much wine, acted well below our ages (Timmy ordered his Caseser salad with a lisp...and I almost spit my wine out on him across the table), and then headed off to dance. What's better than a dance party? A dance party with videos! We busted out some classic moves to songs and videos by the likes of Chaka Khan, Rob Base, and Alicia Keyes. At one point I was found on the dance floor, not dancing, with my mouth hanging open, just watching the videos. I felt like I was in 8th grade again, watching MTV. It was awesome!

On the way home, we someone got on the topic of shooting stars and I confessed I had never seen one. Am I the only one that has never seen one?! So, we immediately went to the beach, led by our friend Scott, to try and find one. We stopped, first, to hit the loo (this will be a key factor later in the story) and then headed right for the beach. Cue up the shooting star. Literally, the second we laid down, we saw one! What are the chances?! We decided to really push our luck and wait for another one but after almost falling asleep on the beach, we decided to go home. Not before taking a turn on the swings see who could swing higher. Swings just totally transport you back to being a kid again. Take advantage of the swings when you can.

We were all melancholy the next morning....sad to see the weekend come to a close but very happy to have had such fun. I felt recharged though and ready to face the week and all the adult challenges and opportunities that were ahead of me.

When I got home, Mimi asked what we did. I said, "We laughed a lot, danced, watched the sunset on the beach, and played on the swings." She was quiet for a minute and then said "You always have fun with your friends." I hope she realized that no matter what age you are, you can still act like a kid and have fun. You are never too old to let loose and take time for yourself. And if you find yourself saying that you don't have time to spend with your friends, it's obvious that it is exactly what you need to do.

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