Monday, September 12, 2011

Meet My Train Friends

I've been taking the train for 9 months now and I've made some friends. I see them every day and can tell if I am early or late, depending on who is on the platform when I get there. They are there rain or shine, except this summer when a lot of them took vacations. The funny thing is I have never spoken to any of my new friends. In fact, they don't know we are "friends". They are just the people that I see every day and have caught my attention for one reason or another. And oddly, I feel comfort when I see them...and I wonder where they are when they aren't there. Let me tell you about Bjorn, Doug, Designer Girl, The Other Lynne, Mini Van Vinny, BMW Hiker, Disheveled Guy, and the Love Bugs.

Did you ever see the skit Sprockets on SNL where Mike Meyers wears all skin tight black clothing and is a hyper loon? Well, Bjorn reminds me of Sprockets...mainly because he wears tight black jeans, a black leather jacket, funky glasses, and all too often he wears a turtle neck...often black, often in the summer. He looks like he is Swedish, hence the name Bjorn. I would be so disappointed if I heard him speak with a thick Boston accent. He always walks super fast...even when he is early. He walks so fast to the same exact spot on the platform every morning and then stops so abruptly it is jarring. Clearly you can see why I would notice him.

I'm not sure why I noticed Doug...he is not particularily memorable. He is probably in his late 20's but is starting to lose his hair. He is pale, wears the same "outfit" every day...jeans and a short sleeve polo shirt...usually navy blue or another bland-ish color, and sneakers. He is devoid of any emotion although once in awhile I see him give a slight smirk to one of this text messages. He seems like the kind of guy that just can't get a break...we all have friends or family members like Doug. All the girls he likes probably like his outgoing, fun friend. He doesn't love his job, he probably does something boring, and doesn't really care much about it. But then again, he doesn't try to get a better job..he just thinks "I won't get it anyways". He is just going through the motions and wondering why he keeps getting the short end of the stick. He seems like a really nice guy though and I just want to tell him that he should start living life, not just let it happen to him.

Designer Girl is a very thin, young, snappy dressing artist. Well, at least I think she is an artist of some kind because she always has a portfolio case with her that seems too heavy for her little body to carry. Her style is "urban fun"...very artistic. I think I am waiting for the portolio to drag her down one day....and I would love to see what is inside.

Lynne and I have been friends for years...we worked together at Fidelity and remained friends as she and her husband left Massachusetts to embark on a new life first in Florida and now in North Carolina. We make it a point to get together at least once a year when she comes back to visit family and we always laugh hysterically over the silliest of memories. I do miss having her here but now I get to see her every day...except now she has red hair. Lynne has beautiful skin, the perfect hair do, and is always very "put together". My Red Head Friend Lynne could be her twin. It's eerie actually. Her hair style is exactly the same, her skin is just as nice, and she obviously spends a lot of time on her outfits. My guess is she works at Wellesley College...probably in some administration role. She carries a bag that says "Touching Art is Bad. Being Touched by Art is Good." She was missing for most of the summer...she must have summers off or something. I started seeing her again for the first time a week ago when school was back in session and I felt better.

I literally park in the same spot every day I go to the train. I back in as all the experienced commuters do. I'm not sure why I park there....I guess because I am a creature of habit and regularity is comfortable to me. Once when I arrived someone was in my spot and I was really offended. Ah, hello...that's my spot. It's a good thing I never found out who it was because I would have given them the stink eye for the rest of their commuter life. I'm not the only one who has their own spot....My friend Vinny also does...just 4 cars over from me. He used to be Volvo Vinny but he just got a new car so now he is Mini Van Vinny. Regardless of what he drives, he just looks like a Vinny.

BMW Hiker also has his spot diagionally across from me. He is always there before me and he is always backed in. He looks like a guy who loves nature. He probably jogs 5 miles every morning, recycles almost everything he touches, and loves to hike. He has a small backpack that looks like something he could sip water out of on one of his hikes. He can probably get lost in the wild for two weeks and will know how to survive on leaves and a thin stream of water he finds by following the sun. He seems like a nice guy...very quiet nature about him. He is like a compass to me...I know he will always be there when I get to the train and he has a very calming demeanor to him.

Dishelved Guy is just the opposite. He wouldn't last 10 minutes in the wild. In fact, he can't last the ride to the train without coming undone. He is a very large guy....about 6'5...and I would use the words "big teddy bear" to describe him. He has a bad back...I can tell this because he walks like he pooped in his pants and he is afraid it's going to fall out if he makes a false move. His shirt is always coming out of his pants in the back, his tie is often just thrown around his neck, not tied yet, and he usually forgets his coffee in the car. He only seems to remember it when he hears the train coming and then he runs precariously to the car and back, trying not to let the package in his pants fall out. Every time he gets out of his car I want to yell "Get your coffee!" He is married and I imagine he has 4rambunctious boys who climb all over him, yet he doesn't even notice them climbing him like a wall. He always arrives at the last possible minute and is sweaty by the time he gets on the train. He is preictable and fun to watch.

And then there is my favorite couple. I don't see them in the morning, but rather at the end of the day. The wife takes the train with me, although I only see her getting off. Her husband, who drives a red bug, picks her up every day. I would guess they are in their 60's. I like to watch her when she first sees him in the parking lot. Her face lights up and she gives him a little wave, and then she looks down like she is a little shy. He beams every time he sees her. It is the cutest thing to watch. Every day. They are clearly in love and it's the little things, a shy smile or a little wave, that makes their day complete. No matter what kind of day I have had, I always find myself smiling. Thanks for that, Love Bugs. It always makes my day too.

I wonder what my nickname is? They don't know I camp but I hope they call me Preppy Girl. Afterall, I have yet to see anyone else with a popped collar or whales on their flip flops at the train platform.

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  1. I loved this post. It amazes how easily words flow out of you and interesting I might add. They picked the new season for Dancing with the Stars. All yucky this year.