Friday, June 10, 2011

Odds & Ends

After I posted my fashion don'ts some of my friends have asked if I was talking about them. First of all, if you are wear cordorouy pants with a short sleeve shirt you probably aren't my friend. And secondly, if you were to wear a skirt that was showing your underworld to everyone, I would tell you...and then smack you for having such bad fashion sense. These outfits I have seen have been on the train so unless you are riding the rails with me, you are safe from me sharing your bad fashion sense in my blog.

But while I am on that topic...there are a few other outfits I would like to add to my Don't Ever Wear That list. Do not wear a sleeveless sundress with suede mary janes. In fact, unless you are 6, don't wear mary janes. And don't wear all pastels on the top and heavy clunky black shoes on the bottom. Let's keep the seasons separate, people. For those I inspired to get a pedicure, we all thank you.

Moving my attempt to be silly and light I discovered that I don't really know how to integrate that into my day. My kids aren't toddlers anymore so it's more difficult. The only thing I have managed to do is talk in silly voices. When I got home yesterday and saw shoes and socks all over the living room, a bag of chips on the floor, and every tv in the house on, I felt like a cartoon character...the kind where the top of the head pops off and steam blows out the top and the ears. Once the smoke cleared I mustered up a crazy voice and said "Do you live in a barn?!" They thought that was funny and then picked maybe I am on to something. But I think being silly and light is more than crazy voices....I don't know that I will conquer this one.

And an update on my "training". Today we only took a 1 minute walking break in the middle of our 3.5 mile run. I actually think I will be able to do it! To get myself through the end I imagine Big Papi running a little bit with me, then Varitek, then Jacobi....and of course in this little fantasy I don't smell nearly as bad as I usually do...I have rosey cheeks not a red face like I just held by breath for 10 minutes...and my hair looks great. Not sure which Red Sox players will be there (at the Timline race they always come out) but I'm pretty, pretty sure they won't be hanging out at the finish line cheering me on...but hey, it gets me through the end of the run.

I have some tips if you want to take up running:

Don't drink wine the night before you need to run. Wine group...I mean book group the night before is not your friend. And "friends" who tell you that one more glass of wine will be fine aren't your friends.

Run with someone. Preferably someone who won't take no for an answer. When you say "I can't go anymore" and they say "Keep running", do as they tell you. When you say I am sleeping in and they say "NO!" and come to your house to pick you up, you will thank them later. Trust me.

Don't go into the run thinking "I can't do this" because you know what, you won't be able to. Instead envision yourself crossing that finish line and then get moving.

And this is key...make sure your iPod is charged the night before. Running while you listen to yourself breathe like a coal miner isn't pretty.

Feel free to come cheer Cori & I on next Saturday! The race starts at 8:30...and the awards ceremony is at 9:30....which is when I will probably come huffing and puffing over the finish line. (I am inserting a small prayer here that it doesn't really take me that long to run 3.5 miles...)

And just in case you are wondering where to cheer us on we would like some fans at the corner of Chamberlain and Hayden Rowe...that's our halfway point and we need motivation. Or feel free to by anyplace near Hopkins....that last little bit is a killer. And of course we will be doing our interviews and having our pictures taken for the newspapers at the finish line....

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