Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Lip Goiters

When I got on the train this morning I moved quickly down the aisle to an empty three-seater. Turns out it wasn't empty at all, but rather taken up by a sleeper laying down. At that point I had to back track to find a seat....and I took the closest one to me because people were barreling down on me. Imagine my surprise when I realized I was next to the Riiipppper. AAAAHHHH! Lucky for me though, he was not into ripping this morning. Apparently he has replaced this compulsive habit with obsessively highlighting almost every line of a text book. Sqqquuueeak...sqqquueakk. Holy Highlighter.

The week before vacation is never good when you are trying to fit in about 2 weeks worth of work so you can actually enjoy your vacation, while trying to get everything packed and ready at home. And by everything packed I mean getting my new Preppy Playhouse ready to go on the road, packing for myself and two kids, cooking and freezing meals ahead of time, while trying to keep my house in order so it doesn't look like a bomb blew up when I get home. Yeah...it's been quite a week.

Yesterday afternoon I could feel the telltale sign of a cold sore coming on. I didn't have any of my "potions" with me so by the time I got home Mt. Vesuvius had erupted. AAAHHH!! For those that have had a cold sore, you'll understand when I say that you think it is as large as a goiter hanging off your face and that EVERYONE is looking at it. I remember going to visit my cousin in NYC, sporting a lip goiter, and I felt like a leper. Here we were going to these fun, funky restaurants and bars and people were literally recoiling when they looked at me. It was a total buzz kill.

I don't get a lot of cold sores but I have recently gotten better at stopping them dead in their tracks so I'll share my secrets with you. For those that live in Hopkinton, our local pharmacy makes its own "secret potion" called Lickety Split. It comes in this container with a homemade label. For all I know, the thing could be made out of cat urine and rat poison...but let me tell you...it does a great job clearing these things up fast. I put a layer of that on, then I double up with some Abreva...it never hurts to double up. However, I think my secret weapon is that as soon as I feel it coming on, I take two Lysine tablets which is an effective vitamin that can counteract cold and canker sores. Technically I should be taking them daily but I forget so instead I take them when I feel it coming on and then for the next few days until it goes away. I took 2 vitamins yesterday, 2 today, and it's virtually gone! Try it out if you suffer from lip goiters.

This week, after all the laundry, cooking, packing, and stressing is done, we will be on our way early Saturday morning (hopefully by 4 am) to our first destination - South Carolina! We are so looking forward to our first camping trip of the season, especially in our new camper. I'm sure I will have some good posts when I return! Rest assured I will have all my "secret potions" with me, just in case.

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  1. Wow, I get cold sores all the time too. My cure is I go to my dentist and he lasers them of and they never grow back in that particular area again. $20.00 and they are gone forever. Have a wonderful and safe trip!!