Thursday, March 31, 2011

Random Acts of Kindness

The other day Tim came home with a mystery gift for me. Now, there is nothing better than an unexpected gift...a little surprise....a realization that someone thought of you that day. The gift was from his Aunt Kathy, who is incredibly busy, so the idea that she was able to take a moment and put together this thoughtful gift was very touching.

She had taken a moment to let me know that she finds my blog funny to read. Now, I have to say, for the most part when I write a post, it's followed by complete silence. There are a few of you who consistently make comments (thank you!) but for the most part I never know if people think what I write is funny, stupid, boring, or inspiring. The blog is really more for just write down my thoughts but, of course, I do hope that you all find it worthwhile to read from time to time. So, it was great to get this encouraging note.

Kathy remarked how my posts reminded her of her mother's old notes that she has kept...just random thoughts about her feelings on various topics. It made me remember going over to visit "Grandma" with Tim on Sunday afternoons before we were married. She would recall stories of her youth, her colorful relatives, or lessons learned from her days as a young mother of eight. In general, Tim's family are great storytellers, and his grandmother was no exception. We took her out to dinner one night and before we knew it 3 hours had passed in what felt like 10 minutes. She loved to share her life stories and we loved to listen.

Along with the note, Kathy had gifted me a picture that had hung at Grandma's. It was a listing of favorite things just like one I have on the blog. I love the last few lines of the saying, by Maxwell Mays, which says "I believe in families who laugh together and because of this I believe in tomorrow and the day after and the goodness of man and the joy of living." Not only does that remind me of Grandma because I think this line summed up what she believed in and how she lived her life, but it also really sums up what I have been trying to say in my blog posts. That family should come first. That you need to focus on the future, and the possibilities that lie ahead. And that you need to enjoy life to the fullest.

Thank you, Kathy, for continuing to come back and read the blog when you have time (and all of you too!). And more importantly, thank you for thinking of me and gifting me this wonderful memento of Grandma.


  1. I read EVERY blog!! Keep up the good work! I look forward to new postings and am disappointed when time goes by without one! I had 3 to read tonight! Love ya Cousin!!! xo

  2. I read them all too!! I hope you're backing them up on a CD so your kids will have them to read over and over when they get to be parents. xoxoxo Karen