Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Kangaroo Pouch Challenge

Train Update: Good thing I didn't wait around for the train yesterday....apparently it took 3 hours to get in. But that wasn't the worst of it...the train I normally take home took FOUR hours to get home yesterday. They "fixed" the broken down train from the am and that's the one they ran at 5:00...which broke down again. I think I would have gone kooky nuts if I had experienced both, or either, of those rides yesterday.

Today I saw an Outfit Mullet. A man was wearing a suit on the top...suit coat, shirt, tie, with a dress coat over it...and on the bottom half he was wearing running pants and boots. What the what? Okay, I understand the boots...but the running pants with the suit? He was all business on top and party on the bottom. That folks, is an outfit mullet.

Now, let's get to the meat of my blog post today. A few weeks ago I said I was going to try and work out 2-3 days a week and eat better, in my quest to get rid of my muffin top. How did that go, you ask? Well, since I haven't blogged about my fantastic success, I'm sure you can guess the answer to that.

The day after I blogged, I felt really committed, especially since I SAID I was going to do it and even went so far as to challenge you guys to do the same. I should mention that I am NOT a morning person so getting up even earlier, especially in the cold and dark, to exercise is about as pleasant as having paper cuts on my eye balls. Day 2 rolled around and still no exercise. I definitely was eating better but I was starting to sweat just thinking about my commitment to exercise. I had only 5 days left to go and still no attempt to get on that treadmill. By day 4 I knew I was all done...it wasn't going to happen. I really wanted to but couldn't drag myself out of the warm bed in the morning and when I get home it's all about cooking dinner, checking homework, kids activities, and trying to take a few minutes for myself before starting it all over again. I decided not to get mad at myself though...at least I had made headway by eating healthier foods. By this I mean replacing a diet coke with water for lunch...replacing chips at lunch with a salad, no snacks after dinner...that kind of thing.

Well, since I worked from home yesterday I actually had time to walk on the treadmill at 5, when I would normally be on the train. It was great! So great in fact that I set my alarm to get up this morning and do it again at 5:30....but I couldn't drag myself out of bed. I decided at 5:45 am that I need some more positive experiences under my belt before I can do that. But tomorrow I am working from home and will be able to walk when the kids leave for school in the morning. I'm looking forward to it! And then if I walk on both Saturday and Sunday, I will have exercised 4 times this week. I figure that will get my mo-joe going and by next week, getting up at 5:30 in the cold and dark should be easier. That's what I am hoping anyways.

My goal: to get rid of my kangaroo pouch by May. My marsupials left the pouch some time ago and I can't keep walking around like this. I have tried to tuck it into my pants, smooth it down with shapewear, and even tried to just let it all hang out...but I don't like any of those options anymore. I don't want to put on another shirt and have to do the sit down test...you know the one where you check to see how your stomach would look when you sit down....and then you see those rolls. No more pouch! Mama wants her abs back! So, I'll try this again...attempt #2..wish me luck!

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  1. I was wondering about you when I saw this on the news this morning. Well, I'm so glad you didn't have to experience what those poor commuters went through. One lady said she actually cried. I can't say that I blame her. On to weight loss. I have lost 15 pounds with Weight Watchers. Lots more to go but boy does it feel good.