Sunday, February 6, 2011

The Crazy Train

I think the snow is getting to everyone. With 1-2 storms a week for the last month or so, I think people just lost it last week. I was on the train on the way to work and this Indian woman was sitting behind me talking on her cell phone. Let's be honest, early in the morning people just want peace and quiet before they hit the workplace running. This woman was talking loud and fast. And when I say fast, I mean the kind of fast that will make you have an epileptic seizure if you listen to intently. She just kept making call after call after call and all I could make out was "hello" and "bye bye". Just when I thought I would lose it the guy behind her said with clenched teeth "Excuse me....can you please stop talking on your cell phone?! It's just too much!" She seemed very surprised and said "ok" and was silent for about 2 minutes. Then I hear her start up again...same fast talking foreign language but she was whispering. The guy behind her got up and let out the biggest sigh...I think the whole train heard it...and then he stalked off to another car. She is lucky he walked away instead of going kooky nuts on her.

Later in the week, after two days of snow, this one guy got on the train and apparently sits in the same spot each time with a group of people. Turns out some "newbie" didn't realize he sits there and he went a little postal. "This is my seat! I always sit here with my friends!" That could have been me...who knew there was assigned seating in some areas?! The poor guy who sat there unknowingly got up quickly and moved away to another car. The other guy was irritated the whole ride home.

I almost missed the train the other day...I had to run across the parking lot and then up 3 flights of stairs and then down 3 flights of stairs to get on the right side of the tracks...wearing a long winter coat, scarf, my boots, carrying my computer bag and another bag (still haven't gotten my bag system very streamlined). I made it across the parking lot and up one flight of stairs before my legs almost gave way...and the train had already pulled up. I realized I just wasn't going to make it so I just walked. Turns out the conductor had seen me coming and held the train for me. SO nice! Turns out I continued to cough up a lung for the next hour. Someone is probably writing about me in their blog right now..."There was this one girl who wouldn't stop coughing the entire ride to Boston and I just wanted to sleep." All I can say is "I'm sorry"....I'm apparently out of shape.

Speaking of that, I promised myself that I would look good in a bathing suit this I always do. And I know I need to start now to really lose those 10 pounds and firm up. Typically I attempt to "diet" which doesn't work for me because just that word makes me extremely hungry 24 hours a day. So, I decided last week I would take a new approach. I am going to take baby steps each week. Last week was to just start eating smaller portions and eat healthier. One day I had a smoothie for lunch. Although it was good, I was ready to gnaw off my arm on the way home on the train. I ate a handful of pringles while I made dinner. I decided not to make myself feel bad...I'll just start afresh the next day. I did lose a pound which is good...although watching the super bowl tonight and having a bunch of munchies will probably make me gain a few pounds.

This week I'm going to do the same thing...smaller portions, eat healthier...and I'm going to add 2-3 days of exercise. C'mon...I need someone to do it with about if you commit to 2-3 days of exercise too and we'll let each other know how we made out? I'm just talking about doing some sit ups and maybe walking on the treadmill 30 min a day (since walking outside with 3 feet of snow on the ground is challenging right now). You can do that right? Let me know how you do and I'll let you know how I do....we can do this!


  1. I found your blog and I love it! I became a follower! :)

  2. Good luck with the weight loss. I have a lot more to lose than 10 lbs. I've joined Weight Watchers and am doing really well on it. People on the train seem a tad rude. To bad you didn't have your coughing fit when the woman was talking on her phone! LOL