Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Three Day Old Work Kelly

Well, it's been three days since I re-entered the working world and so far so good. Here is a wrap up of how it has gone so far:

Pre-Day One - Sunday Night:
I went to bed with a stomach ache....worried that after not working for 7 months I had contracted a case of the "stupids" and would just blubber when asked intelligent questions. I curled up in the fetal position around 9 pm...about 3 hours before my normal bedtime...and tried to make peace with it all. "It won't be that won't be that bad..."

Day One:
Woke up with the same stomach ache. Today I was worried I would forget to put on make up. After not wearing it very often, and getting pretty comfortable with the naked face, I had images of showing up at work and people whispering "Jesus, I don't remember her looking like THAT?" While muttering to myself, "don't forget your make up...don't forget your make up.." I picked out a "cool" outfit. At my new workplace everyone wears jeans and "hip" clothes. They are artists. They wear skinny jeans and converse sneakers with plaid shirts and they all have zooshed hair. After ransacking my closet for something that would let me into the cool kids club for the day, I put on my make up, and hustled downstairs. I had a train to catch. But not before Timmy gave me a little present. He told me to put my hand out, close my eyes, and then he said "In case you need to find your happy place today, just rub this" and he dropped a piece of green sea glass in my palm. That Timmy...he's a keeper. After a kiss and a hug I was off to be Kommuter Kelly Bound For the Big City!

At lunch time, we all went out together to Chinatown, which is right around the corner from the office. Holy Chicken Feet! This place was like a fast food chinese place. After you are seated, ladies with carts just start yelling food names at you...which, to be honest, were a bit hard to understand. If you nodded your head even slightly they threw it on the table until you said "no more". Then, because food was flying so quickly, we began to eat like prison inmates. It was all over in 10 minutes flat. For lunch I ate 2 cotton balls that had "pork" in them, a rubber pouch with neon green "vegetables", and a seaweed wrapped pouchlette of "chicken" and rice. I'm pretty sure it was all squirrel and cat. At one point I thought I heard "chicken wings" and got a little giddy only to turn and see fried chicken feet...literally, fried chicken feet.

The day at work was great....such a fun environment. Because there are no offices or cubes everyone sits in one large room either at rolling tables or couches. There is a lot of talking, laughter, coffee runs, and poking of fun. They play music all day and you leave there feeling very relaxed. I ended day one with a chinese food fueled stomach ache but I was excited to go back for Day 2.

Day 2:
I awoke with the realization that my house was beginning to look a bit didn't take long. But I wasn't stressed over it...instead I was stressed about having to leave earlier. As soon as the kids left for school I had 45 minutes to get out the door. AAAAHHH!! Don't forget the make up, find a cool outfit, get out the door.... and I made it. I did have to run for the train but I made it. Turns out no one comes in "early" and I was the second one there at 9:00 am. This place is going to be alright. I spent the day in the "tree house" which is a little conference space that you access by climbing a treehouse ladder. There are two comfy chairs, a table, and a big window that overlooks the alley and all sorts of goings on that can distract even the non ADD types. Another great day learning about the company and just soaking it all in.

On day one I realized the bags I was using weren't working. I had a purse and a work bag that was packed with actitivities for the train, as though I were going to be entertaining my kids on a trip. Two books, a magazine, my knitting, my agenda, my list notebook, tissues, sunglasses, lip gloss, the list goes on and on. Bottom line, I had so much stuff in there I couldn't fit the computer they gave me so I hard to carry it..along with the two other bags all the way home. I looked so uncool on the train. So, on day 2 I was sporting my purse and my pink and green frog bag. I looked cute but it felt like I was carrying a bag of rocks. When I got home I then switched to my third approach. I ditched the purse and just took out my wallet. I got one of my computer bags, which is not cute at all, but functional, and stuffed my computer, one book, my phone, and my thin wallet into it. Out came the magazines, extra books, and knitting. I added my Vera lunch box to the mix.

Day 3:
Managed to keep the same schedule and not have to run for the train. I now back my car in at the commuter lot like everyone else for the quickest possible get away at the end of the day. I only had one bag, plus my cute lunch bag, and I was feeling like I knew what I was doing. I participated in a creative session today and found I didn't have the stupids afterall. My old boss came by for a meeting with the owner of the company and seeing him was like running into your old boyfriend, while you were hand in hand with your new boyfriend. We had an awkward hug and then he said "Well, you certainly look happy here...I wish you the best of luck..." That's right...I am happy here because I work with fun people who recognize the importance of work/life balance. I can wear jeans everyday. I listen to music and I leave relaxed not stressed out. Better yet, I wish YOU luck, my friend!

I know it is just week one but I really feel that this is the right place for me. I am home at 6 each night, the family has adjusted well, and I really like what I am doing. I'm excited to go back each day, even though I am very tired, and now my back hurts because of my heavy computer bag. I feel like I need to add a bag to carry my lunch box in...and my knitting...I just don't have that down yet...but tomorrow I will try a new combo and see how that works. Again, this is week one...but so far so good!


  1. Loved reading this and I'm glad I checked your blog before I emailed you and asked you to tell me all about your new job! It sounds like a dream job Kell. I was browsing the help wanted ads on line the other day... just to see what's out there and saw one that looked interesting to me. I clicked on the "apply" button and was instantly overwhelmed with the whole process and backed out, logged off the internet and shut down!! I just can't do it anymore, I don't have the stuff for it. I've started taking a gentle beginner's Yoga class in hopes of regaining some flexibility. If successful I am going to take up golf again... I love playing and walking the course is good exercise for me. I am also starting a painting class this Saturday for 8 weeks at a local gallery... something I've always wanted to do. I thank Tony for enabling me to retire and persue these things... he's a keeper too! xoxoxoxo K

  2. It sounds wonderful, but more importantly you sound content and happy. Now that you are back to work the weekends will be even more special.

  3. Hi Kelly, love that your new gig is working out so well... jealous! And since little Kelly is working around the corner from me in Boston, she and PhotoGrrl Michelle need to get together!! Oh and loved your whole thing on how to shlepp stuff on your commute, you'll get very good at paring down to what is absolutely necessary. :-]