Friday, January 28, 2011

Reflections As Of Late

Last night we had our first "post holiday" knitting club. I am already feeling out of touch with everyone and needed my girlfriend fix so out came the knitting needles and the wine. The four hours we spent together went by in a flash and I was disappointed it had to end. I haven't laughed that hard and so much in awhile. I think it is easy to hibernate in the winter, especially when trying to balance work, family, and friends but last night was a clear indication that I need to build in more frequent girlfriend time. If you haven't had your fix lately, call your friends now! Nothing better than an impromptu get together.

I am trying to be good about my house being in constant disarray again. At the beginning of the week I start in a patient voice with "Help me understand why the couch pillows are all over the house and there are socks in the kitchen sink?" By Tuesday my voice is strained as I ask "Does anyone remember the talk we had yesterday about respecting our house?" This is followed by a high pitched shrill tone on Wednesday threatening "Don't let me come home tomorrow to find your lunch box in the bathroom!". By Thursday I have had it and I snap. The kids look at me as though I have lost my mind and they have no idea what I am ranting about. By Friday I just walk in the door and pour a glass of wine with my coat still on. At what point will the children actually listen? At what point will they recall that we have had the same conversations for over 10 years? Please tell me it is right around the corner...

Most of the people I work with live in/near Boston. Most of them have not heard of the town I live in, as though I am from Siberia. After listening to them talk about all the different, fun restaurants and places they take advantage of in Boston, I have come to the conclusion that I need to get out of town more. Tim and I stayed in Boston last weekend - we met some of his old college roommates/wives/girlfriends for dinner and drinks. We decided to be responsible drivers and stay in town...Taxi! I agonized over what to wear...what do people wear to fun restaurants? Turns out they wear the same things I wear every day...with the exception of one bar that we went to. I'm pretty sure some of the ladies forgot their pants and were just wearing long shirts with very high boots. But for the most part, I didn't feel too out of place. However, I did feel like we aren't taking advantage of great places right in our backyard....restaurants, museums, etc. So, we decided to spend a weekend there over Feb vacation to check out new places with the kids. If you are feeling like a Country Mouse, try becoming a City Mouse once in awhile.

When I went back to work I was really worried I was going to revert to Old Kelly but I am finding that I am just New Kelly. I am completely energized by the work I am doing, I really like the company and appreciate the culture, and the adjustment hasn't been too bad actually. There have been some busy times and some early mornings/later nights but all in all I have been able to manage it without stressing out and feeling like I am neglecting any one area of my life. Again, I'm only about a month in but what I'm trying to say is that with a little perspective on what is important in your life, you actually can slow things down and achieve balance. If I can do it, you can do it too - believe me!

Finally, are you watching the American Idol tryouts? The kids really get a kick out of it so we have been watching it together. I can't stop crying when I watch it. I cry when people beg to be let through to Hollywood. I cry when the people who are going to Hollywood come out with their golden ticket, I cry when the parents of those people cry, and I cry at all the sad sappy stories they showcase. I almost couldn't control myself the other night when they showcased a story about a young guy who was 2 months away from getting married when his fiance was in a terrible accident and is now suffering from a traumatic brain injury. They brought her in to meet Randy, J Lo, and Steven Tyler. Holy box of tissues....let it end!

Sorry I haven't updated much lately...still trying to figure out a routine that works. I'll get back into the swing of things soon!

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