Thursday, December 30, 2010

Things I Thought About Today

I realized the other day that a new freckle was born on my thumb. One day it wasn't there and the next it was. It wasn't just appeared. I have ALOT of's the Irish Girl in me...yet, I notice all my new freckles. I now have one on my left hand on my index finger, my middle finger, and now my thumb. They are all at the base of my fingers. Today I wondered if I will eventually get one on my ring finger and pinkie finger? I inspect them every day...I'm pretty sure they will appear some day...and I'm excited to see them.

Another thing I thought of today...and this is for the ladies...why do we grow fur like monkeys when it gets cold? Be honest with let yourself go in the winter and your armpits and legs are a bit more furry than usual. I noticed in the shower the other day that my legs hadn't been shaved in awhile. In the summer I am scrupulous and shave them almost daily. Not so much in the winter. I actually don't even think about it once it gets cold. It's probably like animal instincts taking over and trying to grow my "winter fur". I'm not sure at what point my brain shuts off and I don't think about shaving but it happens. It might be Labor Day but I can't be sure.

My sister's kids came to stay for an overnight visit the other night, which both my kids and I enjoy each Christmas vacation. The next night my sister took the kids to her house and after 5 kids being kids for 24 hours there was silence today. It was nice, I have to admit. But I spent the night dreaming that I lost my kids on a bus and I wasn't sure where they were. My dream was probably only 20 minutes long but it felt like hours. I am not the only one that feels their loss when they aren't here. Our cats get out of sync. They do a lot of pacing and they follow me everywhere, staring at me. I imagine that inside they are screaming "Where are the kids???" "Do you realize the kids are missing??" and "Where did you leave them??!" When the kids come back they relax, rub up against them and then say to me silently, "Where did you find them?!"..."Were they just outside?" and "Thank God you realized they were missing!". I recognize that the last paragraph may induct me into the Crazy Cat Lady Club but honestly, I'm pretty sure the cats are asking these should see them when the kids aren't here.

Today, since the kids weren't here I slept in with my Baby Drowsy Cats. Nothing like two furry bodies laying on you to make you fall into a coma. I finally dragged my body out of bed at 9:45. Old Kelly would have stressed that she slept "half the day away". I would have frantically tried to do all the things I had planned on my to do list without success and would have spent the entire day chastising myself for sleeping late and "enjoying myself". When I got up late today I immediately made peace with it. I wasn't going to get as much done as I had hoped but it was a day to myself that I was going to enjoy. I didn't let myself feel bad for taking time to sleep...I obviously needed it. And I didn't let myself feel bad for all the things I didn't get done as a result. Oh well! I didn't clean the bathrooms today. Let's be honest...I wasn't dying to clean them in the first place....and I can do it one will be harmed or die as a result. I got the things done that I "absolutely" had to get done and I let the rest slide. It was a good day...and I felt rested. That's good progress for me.

What are the strange things you thought about today? It's actually interesting when you stop and ponder the things that go through your mind during the day. It's quite an assortment of topics!

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