Thursday, December 23, 2010

My Barbie Pool Rocked!!

Well, here we are close to Christmas Eve and it reminds me of anticipation of years past. The excitement...the gifts...the energy of Christmas! When I was about 9 years old I found a Barbie blow up pool that my mother bought ...God, I wanted that so bad! It was hidden under her bed. Every day after school (I was a latch key kid), I would unwrap it..very carefully, blow it up, have an awesome pool party, dry it out, and then wrap it back up. I did this for about 4 weeks and my mother kept believing that hiding things under her bed was working. When I finally opened it on Christmas it was like something I had never seen before. I had those kind of skills from a young age...what can I say?

Fast forward to two years ago....we are opening gifts and at the end of the frenzy Tim says "I have a family gift" and he goes out to the garage to retrieve it. Now, we have always had family gifts and they have always been bought by me and have been games...this was so exciting! That Tim came up with a gift on his own and it was a mystery...well, that was almost incomprehensible...almost.

He comes in with this box...not wrapped..with a bow on it and I immediately think "Okay, it's not a trip to the Carribean"...cuz that would be an awesome surprise. Instead, it was ....and you should sit for was a hard wood vacuum floor cleaner. Yes, you heard me right. A family vacuum.

It was as if that package represented a leper...we threw it away from our bodies. "What?!" we cried... "A What?!" Tim excitedly explained "These floors are a mess...we can take turns cleaning them now! How can you not love this?"

What the What??? How can we not love a chore appliance? Really? Does he want to clean floors for fun? He can't even clean the bathroom or his closet...why would he want to clean the hardwood floors? To this day he talks about the disappointment he felt when we werent't excited about his "gift" and we talk about the day he gave us an appliance. Neither memory evokes happy family memories. He has never gone out on his own to buy a family gift since...and quite frankly, that's ok.

The point of my story...chose your holiday gifts very, very wisely. I wish you all a very, very Merry Christmas!

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  1. Been there done that. I got a toaster one year for Christmas and it wasn't even a good one!!