Thursday, November 18, 2010

Dancing With The Underdogs

Please tell me you have been watching Dancing With the Stars. Yeah, that's right...I just admitted I watch that show. Honestly, I'm not sure why...I probably had a hole in my line up on Monday nights so I plugged that in. There is something amusing about watching has been/trying to be up and coming stars trying to learn to do the cha-cha and the waltz while their sadistic ballroom partners yell at them. This season has not been disappointing, especially with the Hoff. He was voted off week one and he deserved to go but Lord was it funny watching him trying to shake his stuff with all the make up sliding off his face in rehearsals.

Well, this week we were down to the final four....Jennifer My Neck/Back/Insert body part Hurts Grey, Kyle in the House Massey, Bristol I Got Pregnant Right Before My Mom Was Named Vice President Palin, and Brandy I Just Want Everyone to Love Me and I Have No Last Name. Jennifer breaks down every week crying "I can't do it!!" because some body part has failed her then she goes out there and dances like she is in tip top shape. I'm so sick of listening to her say "I have to remember I'm 50". Hey, you know what Jen, Mama Brady who is almost 80 danced her tail off and she never complained once about her body parts or age so shut your dance hole. Kyle is good...nuff said there. Brandy and her dance partner Max seem to hate each other and fight every week in rehearsals....often with Brandy huffing out of the room to "cool down". When the judges tell her how good she was each week she opens her eyes wide, blinks, tears up and then says "Really? Oh thank you!" like she is surprised. Cut it, Brandy. You are good, you know it, and they tell you that every week so it shouldn't be surprising anymore. Then she tells Max how much she loves him even though we just saw a little short of her telling him how mean he is to her.

Then we have Bristol. Now I have to say, she has grown on me. She seems like a nice girl who ended up getting pregnant by a tool...and unfortunately the whole world got to share in the news when her Mom was picked to run for VP. Hard enough to have to tell your parents that you are pregnant in high school but to have the whole world know? Ouch. I think she deserves a break in life and it came in the form of DWTS. Now, she is a "technically good" dancer but the girl is wound tighter than a high strung poodle and has major issues shaking her tail feather, which at times, can be uncomfortable to watch. Understandable of course, because the last time she shook her tail feather a baby fell out. forward to the results show and everyone is expecting Bristol to get voted off. But out of left field, Brandy gets voted off instead. Honestly, I thought she could have won it she was that good. I think I laughed for two days straight. GO BRISTOL!! I love that the average girl next door is in the top 3...rather than those you expect to win because they have a dance background. Brandy is probably still curled up in the fetal position crying "I thought you liked me!!" It would be even more hysterical if Bristol won the whole thing and Jennifer joined Brandy on the couch crying like a wounded animal.

I like the underdogs. I just hope Bristol can loosen up and bring her bootie and her girls next week. I think you know who I am rooting for here. Even if you don't watch the show on a regular basis, tune in for a good chuckle next Monday night at 8.

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  1. I have been watching it all along and please oh please someone call the whambulance on Jennifer. So glad it's not just me. Enough already. Last year was much better.