Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Happy Halloween!

Admittedly, it's been awhile since I last posted a new entry. I apologize. I have recovered from being curled up in the fetal position while Mimi was away. I wish I had a picture of our faces when we first saw each other when she got back from her trip. I'm not embellishing...she was really excited to see me, she hugged me so tight...and of course I dropped a few tears. Then I proceeded to drive into a rock when pulling out of the school...I was giddy that she was home and didn't see the boulder on the right side of my car....let's just say there is some damage to my car and Timmy was none to happy. But my baby was home!

I am now in an all out funk. I have been looking for a job for a few months and it isn't pretty. Most of the jobs I am interested in are in Boston...just the place I was trying to avoid. And they seem like very time consuming jobs...I am so afraid of getting myself back into the same circle of working like crazy and feeling like I have no choice to put my family on the back burner. If anyone knows of any great internal communications or event management positions in the metrowest area that affords a work life balance, please feel free to contact me! I have been lucky to have spent the time realizing what I do/don't want and I know I want to work in an industry that I am passionate about..becuase then it doesn't feel like work...it's just life. I also am passionate about working for a company that is socially responsible, meaning that it is committed to improving our world in one way or another. Obviously I want to work someplace where having a work/life balance is respected but I know that I have to draw that line and stay true to myself. I also know I am asking for a lot but at least I know what is important to me. Honestly, I couldn't have told you what was important to me in my future career plans 6 months ago...that would have taken too much time that I didn't have.

Luckily, Halloween came along to distract me. I love Halloween. When we were single, we used to have big Halloween parties with Tim's brother and his wife. One year we made a coffin about 3 hours before everyone arrived. While the boys got out their saws and nails, Lyn and I stuffed a body to put inside. His stomach ended up being a pasta dish...his leg was made out of chicken bones....it was a blast! We had the best costumes...one year I was Nancy Kerrigan and spent the entire night walking on ice skates. The next morning I had a sprained ankle but at least I didn't have a busted knee. One year, we went as the cult Heavens Gate, even building bunk beds about 2 hours before everyone arrived. We filled the beds with stuffed bodies wearing capes, wearing nikes, and having bald heads. Those were the days.

So, when my kids were born, all I wanted to do was craft homemade costumes. For about 10 years, I was jones'ing to heat up a glue gun, sew something, to bedazzle and bejewel fabric in some way. In the "early days" the kids didn't have a choice...Jack was a red M&M on his first Halloween and Mimi was a sunflower. I crafted those and we waited in our house for someone to ring the bell...and no one, not a single person, stopped by. We lived on a dark, windy road and there were no kids nearby. I have a lot of pictures though...they looked cute, believe me. Then they had a mind of their own and they wanted to buy the popular, commercial costumes. Of course I complied..I wanted them to be happy. Inside I was dying a slow craftless death.

This year I came up with a great costume for Jack...I would make him "road kill". He would wear a black sweatsuit adorned with yellow duct tape road markers...and in the middle of his stomach would be a flat squirrel with its guts and eyeballs hanging out...complete with plenty of fake blood. I was SHOCKED that this was met with complete disapproval. Apparently, when you are in middle school, this is NOT a cool costume. Huh. I just thought...boys...blood....dead rodents...clearly this will be good. Not so much. Instead he ended up being a hobo...Tim was a hobo EVERY YEAR for Halloween...his mother used to offer to buy him and his brother a bag of candy if they just skipped going out. Instead, he dressed in the same costume each year...because it was easy. I think we know where Jack's genes are coming from....

Mimi decided she would like to be a smore...since we camped so much this year, she felt this was a great idea..and I couldn't have agreed more! "We" spent two weeks on her costume....and in the end, duct tape became my friend. We used cardboard, markers, pillows cut up and taped on for fluff...even made a marshmellow hat....it gives me shivers just thinking about it. She is lucky I didn't go to each and every door with her saying "Look what I...we made!!" When we were done Mimi said "You should make Halloween costumes for a living , Mom!"....oh, if only I could...

So, let me add to my list of career aspirations...internal communications, event management, and Halloween costume maker extraordinairee....let me know if you hear of any openings in those areas...

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  1. I think I just might use the "Road Kill" costume idea next year! OR, I'll just be emailing you for ideas!!!