Thursday, September 2, 2010

Where is All Your Stuff?

I recently fed my neighbor's fish while she and her husband went on an impromptu trip. She has three children and didn't have much time to get them off to her mother in law's and pack for her trip. The first day I went over I stopped dead in my tracks. This did not look like the house of someone who left on a trip in a hurry. It was like a museum. Everything in it's place..and in fact, everything HAD a place.

My house looks like it threw up the camper's contents in the kitchen and dining room. The living room floor is coated with a light dusting of hay from carrying it out to the bunny cage. The playroom...well, there is no room to play in there. Now, we haven't been home much this summer so our house has become more of a transient hobo stop but even when my house is completely put together, I still have piles of stuff I don't know what to do with.

I began to notice as I went to other's people's houses, that all their stuff has a place. Did I just catch you all on a good day? I just want to know...where is all your stuff? If you don't keep the piles of books that you need to remember to give back to your friends on your dining room table, where do you keep them? Where is your pile of to-do stuff...thank you notes that need to be written, birthday gifts that need to be wrapped, stuff that needs to be returned to Target. Where is your stuff?? Honestly, how do you find time to put everything away nice and tidy ALL THE TIME? What's your secret, people?!

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  1. My stuff gets hidden behind pillows on the couch, under the bed, and in clothes baskets hurriedly escorted down cellar with the rest of the stuff from the last time the doorbell rang.I'm new to all this blogging would love you to follow my blog.My sister-in-law Jeanne told me about your blog,lone it!!!