Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Little Kelly is Born!

One year and 2 weeks after Baby Jack was born, Little Kelly was born. Meredith Jacqueline Nealon arrived at 6:30 pm, 8 days late, on August 17th. We just celebrated her birthday last week while we were camping and as always, their birthdays make me think about the day they were born.

Mimi had no intention of coming out on her own. In fact, I think if she had her way, she would still be inutero. She likes to be taken care of, loves to have people dote on her (and believe me, everyone does), and she likes to be warm and cuddled. Given that, the uterus was a perfect place for her to live out her days.

On August 16th, the doctor told me I should call the hospital to be induced. The 16th worked for me...I like even numbers. And I had my mind all geared up to have her on that day. We called the hospital first thing in the morning and they said to call back...they were all full at the moment. What?! I AM READY TO COME IN, I felt like screaming. Turns out when we called back later they couldn't fit me in either. "Call tomorrow and we'll see what we can do." I spent the rest of the night crying. There was no way I was having a baby on the 17th...that was NOT an even number and I didn't like the sound of that birthday. And I wasn't ready anymore. I couldn't wrap my head around it for some reason. Nevertheless, we called the next day and sure enough they could take me in....on the 17th. Great.

This birth was totally different than Jack's where I waited too long at home and couldn't get an epidural. But I was in the zone and it worked. With this birth, they broke my water and I immediately started having contractions that I thought would kill me....and I was only 2 centimeters dialated. I think it was worse because I knew how bad it was about to get.

Without any dishes to wash and rewash, Timmy sat in a chair with his feet up and read a book. I couldn't focus on the words of the magazine I had brought because my body was busy pushing a watermelon out of something the size of a lemon. The more Timothy sat there reading his book quietly, the more I wanted to kill him. Occasionally he would look up from his book, look at me like he was surprised to see me still there, and say "How's it going?" How's it going?? If I could have reached him, I would have beaten him with the book.

To further annoy me, some intern candy striper came in and announced that she was doing a study on childbirth and would like to ask me a few questions. Hey, to anyone that works in the medical field, don't EVER try this again. This girl is lucky she got out alive. She was asking me questions like "At what age did you have your first child?" , "How old are you?" and the question that got me was "At what age did you first get your period?" After trying to think for awhile on that one I just snapped and yelled "What the hell do you need to know that for? Do you honestly think I can remember that right now??" She looked offended. Timmy looked up from his book, blinked a few times, and went back to reading. He knew better than to get involved. The little candy striper fled my room after that and I went back to writhing in pain.

6 hours later the doctor announced we had a baby girl. I was so sure we were having another boy that I asked to see her just so I could be sure I heard him right. Sure enough, there she was...all pink with tiny little heart shaped lips. Visions of pink and green danced in my head! We had decided on the name Meredith very early just came to me and we both liked it. And I knew whenever I had a girl her middle name would be Jacqueline, named after my aunt who I loved so very much and still miss terribly to this day. I remember Tim's grandmother saying "That's such a big name for such a little girl!" As it turns out, her name is just perfect for her. It is unique and special, just like she is.

When she first came home, Jack couldn't walk and I had to carry them both up the stairs to get in our house....our front door had 14 stairs. It wasn't pretty. One day I stopped when I got to the top and I said, "Jack, I have to carry Meredith are going to have to walk on your own." He thought about this for a minute and then pointed to her and said "Mimi". From then on, her nickname stuck. And let's be honest, what's more preppy than the name "Mimi"...I couldn't have come up with anything better myself!

Mimi has a mind of her own...she knows what she likes, what she doesn't like, and she isn't afraid to let you know either way. She has a great sense for fashion and is my go-to girl when I need an opinion on what looks best. She is very creative, caring, positive, strong willed, independent, organized, a fantastic cook, and confident. She constantly says things like "I am beautiful", "I have great hair", and "I look good in this". While some might feel she sounds like she is full of herself, I know I have done a good job instilling confidence in her. So many girls doubt themselves...even as grown women we doubt ourselves every I hope her confidence continues to grow throughout life.

I won't lie to you...I don't think she and I are going to make it under the same roof through the teen years. We are very similar and in fact when I go away on trips, "Little Kelly" is always in charge. Not Timmy, but Little Kelly. She is a planner and is organized like me. She knows what it takes to run this place and she isn't afraid to take the lead. Having two alpha females in the house is going to get tricky in a few years. But I wouldn't want her to be any different than she is. She is going to do great things in her life...I know it. Happy Birthday Meredith Jacqueline!

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