Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Housekeeping Details

A few of you have asked some technical questions that unfortunately I'm not sure I am equipped to answer since I am a new blogger. So, I thought I would throw it out to everyone and hopefully we can help each other:

Q: How do I post a comment?
A: At the end of each post is a hyperlink that says "post a comment". When you click on that I thought you could magically enter a comment. However, I think you might have to log into your account (gmail, yahoo, etc). For those that have successfully done it, can you share with others how to post a comment? It is different for me as an administrator so I don't want to give the wrong info.

Q: Can I get an automated email each time you update the blog so I don't have to keep remembering to check back?
A: Yes, I added an email subscription link on the left hand nav. Just fill in your info and it will email you each time I update it. If, for some reason, that won't work, just let me know and I can add your email behind the scenes so you get an update.

Q. Is it hard to set up a blog?
A: Absolutely not! If I can do it, you can do it! Believe me! Just go to and it walks you through the simple process. So far, two of my friends have started blogs after reading this. I love, love, love it!!

Let me know what other questions you have and hopefully we can all help each other figure it out!

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