Wednesday, June 9, 2010

T'was the day before severance started and visions of cheese curls were dancing in my head. For months, I had fantasies of what my first day of freedom would behold. As the day drew closer, I could just taste the cheese curls I was going to eat for breakfast. It was going to be a miserable, rainy, cold day (so that I wouldn't feel guilty for lying around). I was going to sleep in and Tim was going to get up with the kids, get them breakfast, make their lunches, and get them off to school. I envisioned getting up around 10-ish and then moving to the couch, cuddled with my blankie, to lounge in my pj's and catch up on Ellen and HGTV. There would be no showering on this day. And it was going to be filled with eating things that were bad for me. Cheese curls and lemonade for breakfast, nachos for lunch, and there would be snacks in between. When the kids got home (magically they would not have homework), we were going to snuggle on the couch and rent an on demand movie. Tim would stroll in the door around 6 with take out and then I was going to head to bed early, exhausted from relaxing all day.

Here is what my day actually looked like:
- Got up at 6 am with Jack
- Made Jack breakfast
- Touched lunchmeat way too early in the day
- Trudged to grocery store
- Met Denise for lunch - had an awesome time!
- Unpacked camping stuff that was strewn all over my house (we came back from camping the night before)
- Laundry (from camping)
- Gave pets a little attention since we were gone for 5 days...pat, rub, pat, rub...okay, enough of that...
- Picked up Jack at volley ball tournament (his team won!)
- More laundry, unpacking, and then did a load of dishes
- Met Mimi at bus stop
- Took Mimi to horseback riding
- Made dinner
- Helped kids with homework
- Vegged in a coma on the couch while the kids watched something silly
- Kids to bed
- Resumed coma position

There were no cheese curls. There was no rain. There was no lounging on the couch. I touched lunch meat at 6:30 am . I showered, dressed in something other than sweats, and put make up on...all before 9 am. I would not have traded my lunch with Denise for anything, but that is about the only part I wouldn't change. And it turns out, that night I wasn't exhausted. I was hell bent on getting a "do over"...and that's exactly what I did. I stayed up until 1:30 a.m. watching dvr'd Oprah episodes, crying my eyes out (even the happy ones make me cry), sipping wine, and eating cheese-its (I forgot the cheese curls when I trudged to the grocery store). In hindsight, that was "stupit" least that is what my body told me the next morning.

I'm still waiting for a great rainy day to lounge around all day...or for the moment when I decide I won't feel guilty for doing that on a sunny day. Baby steps....

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  1. I think despite the lack of cheese curls this day sounds fabu! ;-] Michelle