Thursday, July 1, 2010

Go Naked or Get Glossy?

I was sitting in a meeting a few years ago and had this moment of absolute panic hit me. I had forgotten to put on make up that day. I literally froze in terror. I couldn't look at anyone, I mumbled, I started sweating so bad I smelled like an Italian sub. In hindsight, a few years ago I probably wasn't looking that bad. By today's standards, holy Lord, call the Make Up Police! Since I have been on my sabbatical, I haven't put much make up on. First, I was working from home all day and no one saw me. It was liberating actually. I was wearing yoga pants and a fresh face every day. I would occasionally have to go to a school event or baseball game and would throw on some blush and lip gloss. I felt very "fresh faced" and "dewey". God only knows how I really looked. I even went to my friend's house for a get together without any make up on. Not that I planned it...I just totally forgot to put it on. They either thought "Is she sick?" or "Man, this sabbatical isn't doing her any favors". Imagine forgetting to put your "face" on ? This was quite a moment for me. I am all about looking put together. It's part of the outfit really. And here I was going naked. Is this progress or stupidity?

Maybe that isn't a stretch for you. It's not like I'm a glamour shot wanna be but there's a reason that make up was invented. There's a time and a place for it. I am not a natural beauty and I admire those that are. But there is something appealing about just being yourself. I think it goes along with my "living in Vermont" fantasy. We will live on a farm with a fantastic farm house, a barn, and a pond filled with turtles and frogs. We will grow our own fruits and veggies. We will have a barn filled with animals, especially horses, goats, piglets, and barn kitties. Side note: God will magically feed them all and clean up after them. We will spend our days enjoying nature, loving the animals, and living simply. I won't wear make up because this lifestyle will make me naturally beautiful. Snap out of it!! Have you seen women that live in Vermont?? No offense, but they look hard. Life has taken a toll on them. The weather, the animals, working on the's not easy. I have since gone back to putting on make up when I feel it matters. Like school events. I don't want my kids to be scarred. "Remember the day Mom showed up looking like a hobo?" No one wants that. So now I put make up when I feel it will make a difference...or when I have to talk to people for more than a few minutes. But I don't care what I look like at the bus stop, when I am exercising, when I am hanging out at home. It's okay to be me. Baby steps. So, what's your take on wearing make up? Do you wear it all the time or are you more of an au natural kind of gal?


  1. Kelly, I am your new biggest fan!!! I love, love, love your blog and look forward to following it. Good luck to you in finding Little Kelly, but more importantly, have some fun!!!

  2. I completely understand your makeup dilemma because since I've "retired", I too have moments of wondering should I bother or just forget it. It depends on the amount of time and place I go. Like, can I do a dash and buy jaunt to the grocery store??? If so, that would be a no make-up trip. On the other hand, lunch with the girls is definitely a full-face paint job! What really trips me up is time at home with husband and teenage step-sons... they deserve to look at me without squinting, so sometimes I favor them with makeup, not often though... poor things! I love going without makeup cuz there's no sticky feeling when I start hot flashing and it's a very free feeling. However, I look older and when I'm having a sad day for being so damn old, I'll do a half-assed job of painting my face! I like to believe all women face this same challenge at some point.